Attention, Lovers of Purism: [email protected] captivates without bells and whistles. It does so simply through its striking form and the beautifully customised interior design, Discrete coolness always works!


[email protected] 320

Caravanning has always been cool. Always having a bit of your home with you, even on holiday, being mobile and relaxed... For this, the ideal companion is the [email protected] The little caravan can be individually designed and offers space to sleep and cook in a small area. Go and visit our dealer and experience the [email protected] feeling live and in colour.

  • Overall length in cm: 517
  • Overall width in cm: 201
  • Overall height in cm: 244
  • Number of beds: 2
  • Bed size in cm: 175 x 200
  • Fresh water volume in litres: 20
  • Unloaded weight, approx. in kg: 655
  • MTPLM: 750 kg

[email protected] 400

The [email protected] 400 - your home during the best weeks of the year. Travel wherever you like with a fully equipped caravan. Cook your favourite dish in a practical kitchenette, relax in the seating area and rest in your own bed. A rainy day? Excellent - because you don’t even have to run over to the washrooms in the rain. Also want a small home on wheels? Our dealers are happy to advise.

  • Overall length in cm: 597
  • Overall width in cm: 225
  • Overall Height in cm: 261
  • Number of beds: 2
  • Bed size rear in cm: 175 x 200
  • Bed size front in cm: 70 x 195
  • Fresh water volume in litres: 45
  • Unloaded weight, approx. in kg: 980
  • MTPLM: 1200 kg

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