New Malibu A-Class Motorhomes For Sale

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  • Discover the Future of Travel: Malibu Demo Models Arriving Soon!

    Starting March 2024, Adventure Leisure Vehicles in Tebay, Cumbria, will proudly showcase the latest Malibu demo models. Pre-orders are now open for those eager to secure their slice of adventure early. For detailed information and to pre-order your dream Malibu camper van, please don't hesitate to contact our sales team. Embark on your next journey with confidence and style—Adventure Leisure Vehicles is here to guide you every step of the way.

    Malibu A-Class Motorhomes: The Essence of Premium Class

    Experience Elegance and Superior Driving in Two Distinctive Classes

    Adventure Leisure Vehicles is excited to showcase the Malibu A-Class Motorhomes, available in two tailored classes: the Compact Class and the Comfort Plus Class. As a part of the prestigious Carthago group, these motorhomes are designed for those who seek luxury, comfort, and a choice of lifestyle on the road.

    Malibu Motorhome A-Class: Compact Class

    • Under 7 Metres in Length: Ideal for easy handling and manoeuvrability, similar to a car.
    • 3.5 t Certification: Drivable with a class B driver’s licence, perfect for those who prefer a more compact, car-like driving experience.
    • Distinctive Characteristics of GENERATION M: Despite its compact size, the Compact Class offers all the distinctive features of the new Malibu GENERATION M, ensuring complete motorhome comfort.
    • Compact is Class: The perfect choice for those who want a motorhome that combines the ease of driving a car with the comfort and luxury of a Malibu motorhome.

    Malibu Motorhome A-Class: Comfort Plus Class

    • Extra Space and Equipment: Designed for those who desire more room, more equipment, and enhanced comfort.
    • Attractive and Durable Design: The Comfort Plus Class boasts an attractive body with enduring quality.
    • Up to Half a Metre Longer: These models are slightly larger than the biggest models in the Compact Class, offering additional space where it counts.
    • Prioritising Comfort Over Weight: Ideal for those who value comfort and space over the need for a 3.5 t certification.
    • Comfort Plus Class: The ultimate choice for those who want 'a little bit more' in terms of space, comfort, and luxury.

    Discover the Malibu A-Class Motorhomes

    Explore the world of Malibu A-Class, where luxury meets functionality in two distinct classes. Whether you're an adventurer or a comfort-seeker, these motorhomes are designed to exceed your expectations in every journey. At Adventure Leisure Vehicles, we understand the essence of a memorable journey. With the Malibu A-Class Motorhomes, a product of Malibu's association with the Carthago Group, every journey becomes an adventure filled with luxury, comfort, and style. 

    Interested in the Malibu A-Class Motorhomes? Our team is ready to assist you in exploring these magnificent vehicles and the Carthago difference.

    Malibu A-Class Motorhomes Models