The Adventure Leisure Vehicles - Open Weekend!

Saturday 30th September & Sunday 1st October 2023

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Dog Friendly

Dogs are more than welcome at ALV!

At Adventure Leisure Vehicles, we wholeheartedly understand the deep bond between dog lovers and their cherished furry companions. As more pet owners seek 'dog-friendly adventures,' we proudly offer an experience tailored to make both human and canine guests feel warmly welcomed. Although our display vehicles are exclusively for our human guests, we haven’t forgotten your canine companions. We offer delicious dog treats, water and blankets to ensure they're just as entertained and pampered.

We realise that some of our four-legged friends can sometimes feel anxious in new surroundings, leading to occasional excessive barking. We empathise with such moments, and for this reason, we have plenty of outdoor spaces perfect for a soothing walk, offering a calming break for your pet. 

Team ALV is all about ensuring memorable moments for everyone involved. Step into an adventure with your furry companion by your side.

Warmest Regards,
Team ALV

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