New Coachman Laser Caravans For Sale

The Laser and Laser Xcel caravans from Coachman excel at spacious living on the road - allowing you to holiday in style.

There are eight models in the range offering a huge choice of layouts to suit a variety of needs, ranging from a three berth model to four berths. Each model is carefully thought out, with clever storage solutions and ambient lighting to make your caravan feel like a real home away from home.

Coachman Laser Caravans

There are four models within the Coachman Laser range, each the epitome of class on the road. If it’s a luxurious island bed you like then either the Laser 545 Xtra and the 575 Xtra may take your fancy. The 545 Xtra features a central bathroom which separates the rear bedroom from the rest of the caravan with an L-shaped lounge, whilst the 575 Xtra has a full-width rear bathroom. Finally the Laser 665 caravan has rear twin fixed beds and a front lounge featuring parallel sofas.

Coachman Laser Xcel Caravans

Each Coachman Laser Xcel caravan is built on an eight-foot wide base, so you don’t need to compromise on space with the Laser Xcel models. Add to the mix the rear, fixed island bed included in every model and you have your perfect luxury escape. The Laser Xcel 845 and 855 feature a L-shaped lounge and central bathroom which acts as a separator between the living space and rear bedroom, whilst the Laser Xcel 850 features the same bathroom set up and front lounge with parallel sofas. Finally the Laser Xcel 875 features a full width rear bathroom and front lounge with parallel sofas.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the Laser and Laser Xcel caravans range, there is plenty more on offer from Coachman caravans within the Coachman VIP and Lusso caravans ranges. Alternatively get in touch, we will be happy to help you on your search for the perfect caravan.