New Eriba Touring Caravans For Sale

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  • With retro styling, ERIBA Touring caravans stand out wherever you go.

    The ERIBA range, with its distinctive exterior and streamlined design, is easily recognisable, and these attributes contribute to its cult status. Drawing from its aircraft design legacy, ERIBA's robust frame construction has proven its durability and reliability over time. In addition, its lower road height coupled with manageable Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass (MTPLMs), ensures that a wide variety of smaller cars can tow the ERIBA Touring caravans with ease.

    As you step inside, you're greeted by an exclusive array of equipment designed to maximise your comfort and safety. The interior design, marked by high-quality fixtures and finishes, is practical yet elegant. Whether it's the living and sleeping area, kitchen, or bathroom, every corner resonates with an air of exclusivity. Indeed, every journey with an ERIBA Touring caravan is bound to be a memorable adventure.

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    ERIBA Touring Highlights

    • The ERIBA Touring caravan is meticulously crafted to offer an unparalleled touring experience, seamlessly combining innovative design with practical features. Its lifting roof canvas window ensures an ideal interior climate through perfect ventilation, while the aircraft-inspired design enhances driving safety and road handling. With the AAA Premium Brake system, optimal braking force is always maintained. Inside, the generous 1.95-meter headroom provided by the lifting roof adds to the spacious feel. For convenience, a motion-activated LED awning light provides evening illumination, with an optional LED-lit awning available for added outdoor comfort. With customisable equipment lines such as LEGEND, URBAN, and COLOUR EDITION, you can personalise both the interior and exterior to reflect your unique vision of adventure.

    ERIBA Touring Legend

    The ERIBA Touring Legend (Standard) embodies a classic retro javascript:;look that celebrates this cult caravan's timeless appeal. Its exterior, in Mini hammer Carrara White, is both nostalgic and striking. Inside, the Biarritz furniture décor pairs seamlessly with black "used look" handles, while the table and counter feature metallic sheen effects, creating a distinctive, retro-inspired ambiance. The wardrobe, finished in a neutral shade of brown, completes the inviting interior, offering practical storage and reinforcing the caravan's simple, retro charm. 

    ERIBA Touring Urban

    Urban Equipment Line Upgrade: £1,320

    The ERIBA Touring Urban enhances the iconic caravan's visual appeal with its modern take on retro charm. Featuring a sleek exterior in White and Silver, this equipment line brings a distinctive upgrade to any Touring model. Inside, the Tindari furniture decor is complemented by contemporary handles, while the table and counter’s dark marble look adds a refined touch. The wardrobe is coordinated with the fabric, and the living space is adorned with two matching cushions. Ambient lighting XL, with overhead locker illumination and two extra multifunction battery lights, creates a cosy, inviting atmosphere, making the ERIBA Touring Urban an ideal choice for those seeking classic style with a contemporary twist.

    ERIBA Touring Colour Editions

    Colour Equipment Line Upgrade: £3270

    The ERIBA Touring Colour Editions add a burst of personality to your travel adventures with three vibrant color options: warm Nugget Gold, fiery Tango Red, and tranquil Harbour Blue. Each Colour Edition transforms the caravan's appearance with smooth alloy side walls and a chrome package featuring retro-style rear lights, chrome wheel arches, and a stainless steel bumper. Completing the exterior, ERIBA’s 5-star double-spoke alloy wheels and stone guard protection ensure a sleek, protected look.

    Inside, the Tindari furniture finish is harmoniously matched with complementary upholstery and two colour-coordinated cushions for added comfort. Ambient Light XL provides indirect lighting above the overhead lockers, while two multifunctional rechargeable lights add extra illumination. With the ERIBA Touring Colour Editions, elevate your journey in style and vivacious colour, embarking on an adventurous journey like no other.

    ERIBA Models  ERIBA Experience  ERIBA Brochure  ERIBA Price List

    ERIBA Touring Packs

    Seldom do heritage and innovation come together as beautifully as they do in the ERIBA Touring. The distinctive retro aesthetics pay homage to the enduring legacy of this iconic caravan, celebrating its success story that continues to captivate hearts.

    • Chrome Pack - £590
      The Chrome Pack adds a sleek and classic look to your ERIBA caravan with chrome exterior components, chrome wheel arches, and retro-style rear lights. This package is included in Design Pack 1 and 2, providing a refined and polished appearance that enhances the caravan's distinctive aesthetic.

    • Design Pack 1 - £1,320
      This pack features the chrome package, which pairs seamlessly with the anthracite ERIBA 5-star double-spoke alloy rims. Stone guard protection and a stainless steel bumper enhance durability, providing your caravan with added protection while keeping it visually striking

    • Design Pack 2 - £1,060
      This pack features a chrome package. Steel wheels with chrome covers enhance the classic look, while stone guard protection and a stainless steel bumper deliver robust durability.

    • Comfort Pack - £880
      The Comfort Pack enhances your ERIBA caravan experience with practical features for everyday convenience. It includes a mosquito net door with lateral guidance that covers the entire door height, a comfort pleated blind, and a socket package featuring two 230v sockets and one twin USB socket. Additionally, it offers a sink cover with a chopping board, a waste bin integrated into the entrance door, and a magnifying mirror with a magnetic hold.

    • Multimedia Pack 1 - £1,110
      When the weather isn't on your side, the onboard multimedia package has you covered. Equipped with a DAB radio, premium-quality speakers, and advanced features like audio streaming via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Apple AirPlay, it ensures your entertainment is never compromised. The package includes speakers, a DAB and DSP module, and an FM/AM/DAB antenna with splitter and internal wiring. Enjoy every moment inside your caravan, no matter the outdoor conditions.

    • Multimedia Pack 2 - £1,770 The radio entertainment system offers a comprehensive audio experience with DAB, Wi-Fi audio streaming, Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay, and digital signal processing. It includes speakers with wiring, a DAB and DSP module, and an FM/AM/DAB antenna with a splitter and internal wiring. Additionally, the 22" LED TV, complete with a DVD player, triple tuner, and DVB-T2 reception, provides a top-notch viewing experience. The universal awning socket (230v, 12v, TV) and interior TV pre-wiring ensure seamless connectivity both inside and outside your caravan.

    • Autonomy Pack - £740
       The Autonomy Pack includes a 95 Ah AGM habitation battery, a charger with an integrated booster, and a battery gauge, providing a comprehensive power solution for your needs.
    • Socket Pack - £230
      The Socket Package provides extra power points for electrical appliances, smartphones, tablets, and other devices. It consists of two 230V sockets and a twin USB socket. This convenient package is included in the Comfort Package.

    • Custom Add-Ons Available
      At Adventure Leisure Vehicles, we can also enhance your ERIBA touring caravan with additional features, such as solar panels, Wi-Fi, habitation batteries, and other accessories. Simply get in touch with us to explore these customisation options.

    ERIBA Touring Models

    Explore the various layouts of each ERIBA Touring model by clicking on the images below. Delve into the features and unique configurations that offer a blend of comfort, practicality, and adaptability. Discover the ideal layout that matches your travel needs and see why the ERIBA Touring caravan is the perfect fit for your next adventure.

    Please contact us for more information on the ERIBA Touring range and how to order your new Touring model.