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  • Land Rover Accredited Trailer Handling

    Whether you are new to towing a caravan and maybe a bit nervous, need a refresher or just want to try towing before thinking of buying a caravan, then we highly recommend the Land Rover Experience, who offer a full day course for up to two people giving you the perfect towing experience in such a fantastic and tranquil setting.


    To train delegates in safe trailer handling techniques. The course is designed to help participants understand the controls and workings of a vehicle and trailer, including basic maintenance, to a level relevant to their needs. The aim is to promote driver independence through guided, prompted and independent levels of instruction.


    At the end of the course candidates will have knowledge and practical experience of: 

    • Coupling
    • Uncoupling
    • Measuring Nose Weight
    • Loading and Load Security
    • On Road Driving
    • Vehicle Marshalling
    • Tight Forward Turns
    • Braking
    • Straight Reverse
    • Angled Reverse
    • Approach and Reverse into a Bay
    • Off Road Conditions
    • The Law, Licence Requirements and Regulations

    Target Audience

    The course is designed for anyone who towns for work or leisure purposes. Delegates may or may not hold B+E licence entitlement.

    Training Vehicles

    Training may take place in a Land Rover Experience vehicle or delegates vehicle if requested. Training will take place with either a box trailer or flatbed trailer depending on delegates needs.

    Minimum Instructor Grade: Jaguar Land Rover Trailer Instructor

    Delegate Ratio: 1:2

    Course Duration: Full Day

    Qualification Awarded: Land Rover Trailer Handling Certificate of Attendance

    Dates: Training dates available 7 days a week


    • Yellison Farm Barns, Skipton, D23 3HS 
    • The Coniston Hotel - Coming Soon


    Sophie Rishworth

    01756 611060 

    [email protected]