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  • Gaslow Refillable Gas Cylinder System

    The Safest, Most Reliable Refillable Caravan, Campervan & Motrohome Gas Cylinder Range in Europe

    Why struggle connecting, lifting and carrying heavy gas bottles and then pay 50% more for the gas than you have to?

    When you travel to Europe and you run out of gas, it becomes a nightmare as you cannot exchange your empty cylinder for a full one.... 

    NOT ANY MORE....Fit a Gaslow refillable system!

    You can just pull up at one of the thousands of Autogas Service Stations throughout the UK and Europe and fill up just like your car! If you have a twin cylinder system, not only will it fill up the empty but top up your nearly full one at the same time - you simply pay for what you use.

    Try the system with one cylinder - using your standard cylinder with it. You can easily add a second Gaslow Refillable at any time as it needs no installation. When you come to replace your Van you have the simple option of taking the whole system with you!

    This is the Safest, Most Reliable Refillable Cylinder Range in Europe... Because ONLY Gaslow offers three cylinders that meet the morestringent R67 tank standard which includes a Bonfire Test.

    Unique safety features that ONLY R67 Gaslow refillables give:

    • Built-in Excess Flow Valve which prevents full flow of gas if the regulator hose ruptures.
    • The special micro-design filter prevents any liquid gas passing through the valve as it vaporises any liquid during normal use – this feature is now required in the new EN standard.
    • Internal brass filter which helps prevent impurities contaminating the regulator and gas system.
    • Improved, mechanically accurate contents gauge with upgradeable remote indicator. 

    Gaslow Refillable Cylinders
    Choose between a combination of the standard 6kg and R67 11kg cylinders.

    Gaslow Filler Kit
    Choose between either white or black finish.

    Gaslow 2nd Cylinder Connection Hose
    The kit is supplied with a 0.6m stainless steel connection hose.

    Gaslow Stainless Steel 21.8LH Regulator Hose
    The kit is supplied with two 0.75m 21.8LH stainless steel high pressure regulator hoses.


    Choose between the Gaslow Manual Changeover and Gaslow Auto changeover Head.
    The changeover screws on to the existing 30mbar wall mounted regulator to allow both bottle to be connected.
    Also the option for none if already fitted or alternative to be ordered separately. 

    Foreign Adapters
    Choose whether you require the set of 3 foreign fill adapters French/Italian, Spanish and Euro adapters

    This system will be suitable for installation on vehicles fitted with a 30mbar wall mounted regulator.

    • 6kg Single Cylinder System: £630
    • 6kg Twin Cylinder System: £700
    • 11kg Single Cylinder System: £690
    • 11kg Twin Cylinder System: £770

    All prices inc VAT and fitting by a Qualified Engineer

    Below is an example of the Gaslow Twin Cylinder System