New Coachman Caravans For Sale

    Pre order the 2023 model now.

    Each Coachman caravan is built to their exacting standards using state-of-the-art construction methods and materials and finished with the highest levels of specification and features. Striving to move forward in their quest to create the perfect touring caravan.

    Coachman's experienced designers work closely with production on an extensive research and development program. Their aim is to carefully combine innovative new products, materials, design and build techniques to enhance our product range.

    Price Freeze

    2023 models at 2022 prices*

    With the new season fast approaching, Coachman is bringing you the hottest offer around. For a limited time, you have the opportunity to secure the earliest availability and a 2022 price when ordering your brand new 2023 Coachman Caravan. 

    This limited-time offer will end on Sunday 21st August 2022; orders must be placed with an authorised Coachman Caravans retailer and delivered from the first availability.

    *This is a limited time offer and can be withdrawn at any time. See Coachman's website for terms and conditions.

    Rigorously Tested

    Coachman meticulously quality check every caravan at several key stages throughout the manufacturing processes. Every single one of their caravans then undergoes comprehensive multi-point checks before being released for delivery.

    Competitive Weights

    By constantly reviewing their design and manufacturing methods along with the materials and components they use, Coachman have been able to maintain competitive weights for their caravans without compromising on quality or durability.

    Water Resistant

    Each Coachman is fully bonded using innovative materials, specialist adhesives and the very latest build techniques that together virtually eliminate the threat of water ingress.

    Strong and Seamless

    The strong and durable body frame is made up of a tough, Polyurethane (PU) material and uses Structural Reaction Injection Moulding (SRIM) techniques which together are virtually impervious to water and have been proven through rigorous testing.

    Warranty - 10 Years as Standard

    Advanced Bonded Construction (ABC) is designed to virtually eliminate the threat of water ingress. We’re so confident of its effectiveness, that every Coachman comes protected by our comprehensive 10-year water ingress warranty as standard.

    Please contact our sales team for more information...