New Coachman Laser Xcel Caravans For Sale

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  • Experience Supreme Comfort with the 2024 Coachman Laser Xcel Caravans

    Step into a world of caravan luxury and expansive living spaces with the 2024 Coachman Laser Xcel range, a symbol of sophistication designed to enrich your adventures. Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Cumbria, just off Junction 38 on the M6, Adventure Leisure Vehicles extends a warm invitation to explore this exceptional line up. Blending comfort, elegance, and innovative features, the Laser Xcel range is poised to redefine your travel experiences.

    Unmatched Space and Elegance

    The Laser Xcel series offers a sanctuary of space with its eight-foot-wide interiors, creating the perfect environment for family adventures. Each of the four-berth models is equipped with large island beds, ensuring a restful night's sleep surrounded by premium finishes and careful craftsmanship.

    2024 Brings Exciting Enhancements

    The latest additions to the Laser Xcel range introduce a host of improvements aimed at elevating every aspect of your journey:

    • Innovative Lighting Solutions: Enjoy the convenience and comfort of new multi-directional matt black LED reading spotlights, each equipped with USB ports to keep your devices charged.
    • Upgraded Water System: A new 40-litre onboard fresh water tank ensures you have the essential resources for longer journeys.
    • Culinary Excellence: Significant upgrades in the kitchen include a new Thetford N4145 159-litre electronic fridge freezer, a stylish ‘Kaspio Oro’ splashback, and a cutting-edge flatbed ventilated microwave oven, all crafted to enhance your cooking experience.
    • Enhanced Comfort and Style: The luxury of newly designed soft furnishings, with supportive backrests, coordinating scatter cushions, and sculptured armrests, adds both comfort and visual appeal.
    • Striking Exterior Design: New 3D exterior graphics make the Laser Xcel range stand out, ensuring that you travel in unmistakable style.

    Tailored to Your Lifestyle

    The range features four thoughtfully designed layouts, each built on a twin-axle chassis and measuring 7.895m in length, showcasing a perfect blend of elegance and functionality. The Coachman Laser Xcel 845 and 855 feature an L-shaped sofa arrangement, whereas the 850 and 875 models boast parallel sofas in the lounge space.

    Explore Further Options

    Delve deeper into our diverse selection of Coachman caravans within the Laser, VIP, or Lusso ranges, each offering its own unique blend of luxury and functionality.

    Discover the Luxury at Adventure Leisure Vehicles

    Situated in Tebay, Cumbria, Adventure Leisure Vehicles offers an ideal setting for exploring the 2024 Coachman Laser Xcel range. Our knowledgeable team is eager to showcase the luxurious features and advantages of this exquisite lineup. Conveniently accessible from Junction 38 on the M6, the route to finding your perfect caravan is straightforward. Get in touch with us today.

    Coachman Laser Xcel Models