Electrical Installation Condition Reporting

What is an Electrical Installation Condition Check?

Every new NCC Approved caravan and motorhome includes an Electrical Installation Certificate. This indicates that your low (230 Volt AC supply) and extra low voltage (12 Volt DC supply) systems have been tested and are safe to use at the time of manufacture.

However. all electrical installations suffer from deterioration over time and The Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) recommend that the condition of electrical should be checked at least every 3 years. When the check is carried out an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) is issued detailing the findings of the inspection.

Used caravans and motorhomes should have a had an EICR supplied as part of the purchase – and if you are thinking about buying one then add this to the checklist of things to ask your dealer for.

Moreover, a full electrical installation check does not form part of the standard annual habitation service, so you have to request this additional work separately.

Why should I get an electrical safety check on my caravan or motorhome?

Whilst an electrical safety check is not compulsory, it is strongly recommended. NOT having an electrical safety check can give rise to problems such as:

  • Reduction in safety of electrical installations
  • Increased risk of electric shocks
  • Increased risk of fire

This will ensure that all your electrical appliances are operating within manufacturers recommended specifications, it may also show any deterioration which may lead to the appliance failing or worse someone receiving an electrical shock.

You wouldn’t take a risk with your gas appliances and the same applies to electricity – taking the necessary precautions upfront is preferable to dealing with the aftermath of an accident.

If you choose not to have and EIC check you may be asked to sign a disclaimer to indicate that you have been offered this procedure but have declined.

What does an EIC check involve?

The inspection and testing procedure includes the removal of switches, sockets and covers so that all connections of the wiring can be checked. Additionally wiring insulation is checked and the electrical appliances are all subject to rigorous tests to ensure they are fit for continued use.

The EIC costs £180 taking approximately 4 hours to complete, it is recommended to be carried out every 3 years.