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  • Malibu A-Class 430 LE

    Malibu Demo Models Arriving Soon!

    Starting March 2024, Adventure Leisure Vehicles in Tebay, Cumbria, will proudly showcase the latest Malibu demo models. Pre-orders are now open for those eager to secure their slice of adventure early. For detailed information and to pre-order your dream Malibu camper van, please don't hesitate to contact our sales team. Embark on your next journey with confidence and style—Adventure Leisure Vehicles is here to guide you every step of the way.

    Embrace Compact Elegance with the Malibu A-Class 430 LE

    Adventure Leisure Vehicles in Tebay, Cumbria, proudly presents the Malibu A-Class 430 LE, a beacon of compact luxury within the esteemed Carthago brand. Situated conveniently just off Jct 38 on the M6, our dealership is the premier destination for discerning motorhome enthusiasts seeking unparalleled comfort in a compact form.

    Malibu Motorhome A-Class

    The Essence of Compact Class

    The Malibu A-Class 430 LE redefines the compact motorhome experience, combining the agility of a car with the comprehensive comfort and luxury of the Malibu GENERATION M series. With its sub-seven-metre length and 3.5 t certification, it promises ease of handling and compliance with traffic regulations, all while offering the full spectrum of Malibu’s distinctive motorhome features.

    Discover the Highlights of the Malibu A-Class 430 LE

    • Optimal Driving and Visibility: Designed with superior driving and visibility in mind, ensuring your journeys are as safe as they are enjoyable.
    • XL Main Cabin Door “Premium Two 2.0”: Step into your luxurious retreat through an extra-large cabin door, setting the tone for an elevated travel experience.
    • Spacious L-shaped Lounge Seating Area: A haven of relaxation and socialization, perfect for unwinding after a day of adventure.
    • Convenient Changing Room: Adds a layer of privacy, complemented by ample storage in the double floor compartment and the cosy warmth of underfloor heating.
    • Efficient Galley Kitchen: Maximizes space without sacrificing functionality, ideal for culinary enthusiasts who enjoy cooking on the move.
    • Integrated Combined Washroom: Offers the comfort of a separate round shower, mirror cabinet, and wash stand base unit, alongside plentiful shelving for all your necessities.
    • Restful Lengthways Single Beds: Ensures a serene night’s sleep, recharging you for whatever lies ahead.
    • Malibu Scooter Garage: Provides secure storage for your scooter, enhancing your mobility and exploration capabilities.

    Your Luxury Compact Motorhome Awaits

    At Adventure Leisure Vehicles, we understand that choosing the right motorhome is about finding the perfect balance between size, comfort, and luxury. The Malibu A-Class 430 LE epitomises this balance, promising a motorhome experience that is both compact and replete with luxury features.

    Begin Your Compact Luxury Journey

    Contact Adventure Leisure Vehicles today to explore the Malibu A-Class 430 LE or to arrange a personal viewing. Let us guide you towards discovering the ideal motorhome for your adventures, one that offers all the comforts of home in a compact, efficient package.

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    • Technical Specifications
      Standard chassisLow frame 35 light
      Basic motorisationDiesel 2,2 l
      Basic vehicleFiat Ducato
      Output (in kW/HP)103 / 140
      Total length (mm)6960
      Total width (mm)2270**
      Total height (mm)2940
      Wheelbase (mm)3800
      Double floor height (mm)170 / 390
      Standing height in living area (mm)1980
      Rear garage interior height (mm)1200
      Door width/height rear garage passengers side (mm)950 x 1140
      Door width/height rear garage drivers side (mm)950 x 1140
      Tech. permissible total weight (kg)3500 / 4250(*)
      Weight in running order (kg) | Legal tolerance of -/+ 5 %3.075 (2.921 - 3.229)
      Weight of additional equipment in series production specified by the manufacturer (kg)56
      Max. towed load (kg)2000
      Standard seating places4
      Optional seating places4*
      Standard sleeping places4
      Optional sleeping places5
      Rear bed dimensions (mm)2000/1900 x 850
      Folding bed dimensions (mm)1950 x 1600
      Sitting group bed conversion dimensions (mm)2030 x 1105/650*
      Refrigerator volume (l)133
      Freezer compartment volume (l)12
      Heating systemTruma Combi 6
      Fresh water volume (l)125
      Waste water volume (l)90
      230V socket3
      12V socket1
      USB socket1
      Battery capacity80 Ah

      (*) Optional Fiat Ducato f40 heavy chassis variant *in conjunction with special equipment **Total vehicle width is the measurement from exterior wall to exterior wall (wheel arches on the side, approx.+ 70 mm)

    Malibu A-Class 430 LE - 360 Tour

    The displayed base price for the vehicle already incorporates £2600, which accounts for all the essential costs including:

    • Delivery charges from Malibu to Adventure Leisure Vehicles.
    • The cost of obtaining the Certificate of Conformity (CoC), confirming the vehicle meets EU standards.
    • The Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI), ensuring your vehicle is in perfect condition upon arrival.

    For more information, please contact our Sales Team

    Malibu A-Class 430 LE