• ERIBA Touring 310


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    The ERIBA Touring 310 stands as a testament to the fine balance of style, functionality, and mobility. With its unique footprint in the caravan world, it resonates with the signature touch of the ERIBA brand.

    Distinctive Design Features

    The ERIBA Touring 310 is renowned for its unique design features that make it a true standout. Drawing inspiration from bygone eras, it boasts a distinctive retro aesthetic that ensures it captures attention whether on the road or at a campsite. Beyond its visual appeal, the caravan's quality is undeniable. A testament to the ERIBA brand's commitment to excellence, every detail of the Touring 310 showcases high-quality craftsmanship, guaranteeing not just a pleasing aesthetic but also promising long-term durability.

    Interior and Amenities

    The ERIBA Touring 310's interior and amenities are specifically crafted to cater to the adventurous at heart. Whether for solo explorers or couples, this caravan promises a compact yet undeniably comfortable living space where every nook and cranny is thoughtfully designed to maximise ease and comfort. For those worried about where to store their travel necessities, the Touring 310 offers intelligent storage solutions, ensuring that everything from souvenirs to essentials has its dedicated spot, streamlining organisation. The caravan also features a functional kitchenette, efficiently designed to fit within its compact space, yet equipped to handle everything from whipping up a sandwich to brewing the perfect morning coffee. And after a day filled with new experiences and sights, the caravan's cosy sleeping quarters provide the perfect sanctuary, promising a peaceful night's sleep to rejuvenate and gear up for another day of exploration.

    Performance and Mobility

    The ERIBA Touring 310 sets itself apart with its emphasis on performance and mobility. Notably lighter than many of its competitors, its aerodynamic design ensures that towing feels nearly effortless. Whether navigating winding mountain paths or cruising along vast open highways, this caravan follows with a smoothness that drivers will appreciate. Beyond its mobility features, the Touring 310 also prioritises safety, boasting a sturdy chassis construction. This robust foundation guarantees both stability on the move and peace of mind for those inside, making every journey as safe as it is enjoyable.

    Absence of Washroom and Toilet: A Purposeful Choice

    In the ERIBA Touring 310, the absence of an integrated washroom and toilet is a purposeful design choice. By embracing the essence of simplicity, the caravan aims to appeal to true adventurers who have a penchant for minimalism. These individuals often seek a deeper connection with nature and appreciate the authentic experience of outdoor camping. This design choice isn't just about simplicity, though. By eliminating the washroom, the Touring 310 offers more room for living and storage, allowing the interior to feel more spacious and less cluttered, thus providing occupants with a sense of openness during their travels.

    • Technical Specifications
      Mass in running order, approx. kg*765
      Maximum load, approx. kg135 / 285
      Unladen weight, approx. kg742
      Technically permissible maximum laden mass (kg)*900 / 1050
      Maximum nose weight, approx. kg100

      * The technically permissible total mass is a value specified by the manufacturer, which the vehicle must not exceed, even when loaded. The specified mass in running order is a default value defined in the type-approval procedure. Due to manufacturing tolerances, the actual weighed mass in running order may deviate from the value stated above. Deviations of up to ± 5 % of the mass in running order are legally permissible and possible.

    • Dimensions

      Vehicle dimensions

      Tyre size185 R14 C 102 L
      Length / Width / Height ca. cm506 / 200 / 227
      Body length (exterior), approx. cm371
      Interior length, approx. cm366
      Interior width, approx. cm190
      Headroom in living area, approx. cm195
      A-measurement awning635
      Insulation floor / side walls / roof, mm35 / 28 / 26

      Bed dimensions

      Front bed, L x W, approx. cm188 x 73 – 53 / 188 x 73
      Rear bed, L x W, approx. cm188 x 140
    • Optional Equipment


      • Uprating to 1,050 kg – £350
      • Jockey wheel with integrated load indicator – £90
      • Stone guard protection – £200
      • Alloy rims, ERIBA 5-star double spoke, anthracite – £550
      • Spare wheel on steel rim with bracket (underfloor), lockable – £280
      • Spare wheel on alloy rim incl. underfloor bracket, lockable – £420
      • Anti-sway system: By gentle braking, the caravan pulls itself back on track – £880
      • Truma Mover Smart A (electric manoeuvring aid, engage / disengage) with remote control for mono-axle – £2,030


      • Side walls, front and rear in smooth sheet metal, Colour: White Silver – £1,020
      • Side walls, front and rear in smooth alloy skin, Colour: Crystal silver – £1,020
      • Stainless steel bumper – £590
      • Chrome package with chrome exterior components and chrome wheel arch as well as retro design rear lights – £590
      • Mosquito net door (entire door height), user-friendly thanks to lateral guidance – £300
      • Waste bin integrated in entrance door – £80
      • Window with blackout blind and mosquito net, LH side, rear – £320
      • External storage flap, 55 x 29 cm, RH side, rear – £280
      • External storage flap, 55 x 29 cm, LH side, rear – £280
      • External storage flap, 55 x 35 cm, RH side, rear – £280
      • External storage flap, 55 x 35 cm, LH side, rear – £280
      • Drawbar bike carrier Thule caravan Superb for 2 bicycles, max. load 50 kg, suitable for E-bikes – £490

      Fabrics & furniture finishes

      • Fabric combination: Ventura for equipment line Legend only
      • Carpet: Laguna – £210
      • Carpet: Samona – £210

      Living, bedroom & lighting

      • Seating group in the rear with opening window, LH side – £550
      • Spring-core mattress for caravans with rear transverse bed – £280
      • Seat base enlargement incl. bed conversion and additional cushion – £200
      • Comfort cushion for front seating group (supplied loose) – £260
      • Comfort pleated blind – £430
      • ERIBA Original fitted sheets, Colour: grey – £110
      • 2 pillows with pillow cases – £80
      • Ambient light XL with indirect light above the overhead lockers and two additional ERIBA multifunctional rechargeable lights – £430


      • 3-burner cooker with ignition fuse, electric ignition, flame guard and glass cover – £140
      • Sink cover with chopping board – £60

      Installation & technology

      • Universal awning socket (230 V, 12 V, TV) – £250
      • External pump – £280
      • Socket package (2 x 230 V sockets and 1 x Twin USB socket) – £230
      • Warm air blower, electric fan (12 V) – £300
      • Warm air blower, electric fan (230 V) – £300
      • Electric auxiliary heating for gas heating Truma Ultraheat (three levels: 500 / 1,000 / 2,000 W) – £310
      • Autonomy pack (95 Ah AGM habitation battery, charger with integrated booster and battery gauge) – £740
      • Electric warm water boiler with 5 l water content (300 W) – £310
      • 30 l fresh water tank with level indicator – £200
      • Gas regulator with crash sensor for two gas bottles (automatic change if gas bottle is empty) – £370
    • Standard Equipment


      • Fully galvanised tubular frame chassis with trailing arm axle and fully galvanised axle body
      • Extra long drawbar for more driving stability and enough space for a drawbar carrier
      • Cover for drawbar
      • Galvanised plug-in corner steadies
      • Anti-sway coupling with friction linings and one-hand operation (suppresses rolling and pitching movements)
      • Automatic brake adjustment (short braking distances and more driving comfort due to gentle braking without jerky acceleration)


      • Side walls, front and rear in mini hammer finish, Colour: Carrara white
      • Rear lights in LED
      • Pop-top roof tent fabric with ventilation and integrated mosquito net
      • One-piece entrance door with storage shelf and storage net on the inside of the door
      • Extendable entrance step
      • Windows with mosquito net, blackout blind and ventilation adjustment
      • All windows tinted and with double acrylic glazing
      • Front flap with parallelogram opening and low loading edge
      • Insulated gas bottle compartment with robust aluminium checker plate floor and low loading edge
      • Integrated front storage compartment for 2 x 5 kg gas bottles
      • Stable grab handles at the front, continuous manoeuvring handle at the rear


      • Shoe flap at the entrance
      • Spacious wardrobe with laundry compartment (height adjustable shelf)

      Fabrics & furniture finishes

      • Furniture finish: Biarritz
      • Fabric combination: Hampton
      • Fabric combination: Memphis
      • Fabric combination: Tulsa
      • Fabric combination: Ventura

      Living, bedroom & lighting

      • 12 V LED lighting
      • LED awning light with motion detector
      • Illuminated overhead locker corners
      • ERIBA multifunctional rechargeable light with active holder in the living room and two active holders in the bedroom
      • All fixed beds with cold foam mattresses with removable and washable mattress covers
      • Wooden bed slats under all fixed beds, foldable
      • Optimum sleeping environment by air circulation via openings in the pop-top roof (chimney effect)
      • Bed conversion of seating group possible
      • One utensil bag, matching the colour of the living room


      • 2-burner hob with glass cover
      • Glass splash guard
      • Foldable kitchen worktop extension
      • Kitchen drawer with Servo Soft feature
      • One multifunctional container in the kitchen, matching the colour of the living room
      • 81 l absorber fridge incl. freezer compartment (energy source gas, 12 V or 230 V)

      Installation & technology

      • Smoke detector
      • 13-pin Jaeger connector
      • Caravan power supply with automatic switchover to towing vehicle
      • 230 V socket in kitchen as well as living room
      • Frost-proof water installation for winter operation
      • 12 l water container in the kitchen with separate storage shelf
      • Gas heating Truma S 3004 (3,500 W)

    ERIBA touring 310 Legend - 360 Tour

    The ERIBA Touring 310 is available in the following finishes
    • Carra White in Hammer-tone (Standard)
    • White & Silver Smooth Metal
    • Crystal Silver Smooth Metal 
    • Nugget Gold & White Smooth Metal 
    • Tango Red & White Smooth Metal 
    • Harbour Blue & White Smooth Metal 

    Examples of these can be found on our main ERIBA Touring page.

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