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  • ERIBA Overview

    ERIBA have been manufacturing caravans for more than 60 years and has become iconic within the industry. Since the creation of the “Ur-Troll” in 1957, ERIBA caravans have gone from strength to strength, experimenting and innovating, and have developed a loyal following. The company now produces ERIBA, HYMER and HYMERCAR caravans and motorhomes to the highest manufacturing standards.

    The latest ERIBA caravans are luxurious, winterproof and stylish, allowing you to travel in comfort all year round. Whether you prefer the vintage looks of the Touring range or the sleek modern style of the Nova Models, there’s an ERIBA caravan for everyone.

    ERIBA Touring: The ultimate cult caravan!

    ERIBA Touring

    ERIBA Touring caravans are compact packages of comfort, timeless design and exceptional engineering. The shape of the original “Ur-Troll” is still discernible in the shape of the exterior which has been designed using principles from aircraft engineering. This means that these lightweight caravans handle superbly on the road. Once inside, you’ll find a generous 1.95m of headroom thanks to the lifting roof. The high-quality furnishings make practical use of every inch, providing exceptional living spaces, kitchens and bathrooms. 

    Many are drawn to the vintage and retro style of the ERIBA Touring range and the way this is seamlessly combined with the latest technology, appliances and safety features. With eleven layouts to choose from, you’ll find the caravan for you, whatever your priorities. You’ll find enough storage space for all of your holiday kit with lockers, wardrobes and chests under beds and seating. Lounge areas convert into additional sleeping space if you’re bringing the kids or some friends along.

    On the road, you’ll find more roads open to you with an overall width of two metres and measuring less than 5 metres in length. You can be confident negotiating winding country lanes and steep hills with the anti-sway coupling and automatic reversing. The on-board facilities mean you can stay off-the-grid for a few days in a remote setting without a problem. Or, if urban life is more your thing, the ERIBA Touring is just at home tackling busy city streets. Your opportunities to explore are endless. 

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