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  • Kampa Pop Air Pro Caravan Awning

    Enhance Your ERIBA Touring Experience with Kampa Pop Air Caravan Awnings

    Adventure Leisure Vehicles is proud to present our premium range of Kampa Pop Air Caravan Awnings, specifically designed for ERIBA Touring Caravans. The Kampa Pop Air Pro 260 and 365 models are the epitome of outdoor luxury and functionality for your caravan.

    Kampa Pop Air Pro 260

    Tailor-Made for Your Eriba Puck Caravan

    The Kampa Pop Air Pro 260, drawing inspiration from the acclaimed Fiesta Air Pro awning, is a testament to innovative design. It is expertly crafted to fit the Eriba Puck caravan (pre 2010 models) and other pop-up caravans with a rail height of 168cm. This awning features a dual-height system that caters to both pre and post-2010 Eriba models, ensuring a flawless fit for your caravan.

    Key Features

    • Dual-height system accommodating various models
    • Easy-to-use zip-out front panel
    • Design inspired by the Fiesta Air Pro


    Kampa Pop Air Pro 365

    The Ideal Companion for Your Eriba Troll Caravan

    Owners of the Eriba Troll caravan will find the Kampa Pop Air Pro 365 to be an impeccable match. Designed for caravans with rail heights from 184cm to 198cm, this awning not only assures a perfect fit but also adds a touch of sophistication to your caravan. It incorporates the best features of the Fiesta Air Pro, including the practical zip-out front panel.

    Key Features:

    • Suitable for a broad range of rail heights
    • Perfect for both pre and post-2010 Eriba models
    • Convenient zip-out front panel for easy access


    Why Opt for Kampa Pop Air Caravan Awnings?

    • Versatility: Specially designed for various ERIBA models, guaranteeing a perfect match.
    • Quality: Made with top-grade materials for durability and longevity.
    • Design: Contemporary aesthetics combined with practical features for an exceptional experience.

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    Transform your caravan adventures with Kampa Pop Air Caravan Awnings. Visit Adventure Leisure Vehicles and select the ideal awning for your ERIBA Touring Caravan. Experience the outdoors in style and comfort!

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