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  • ERIBA Touring Towing Cover

    ERIBA Protective Towing Jacket by Pro-Tec

    Pro-Tec Covers are proud manufacturers of a range of towing covers; providing excellent protection against exhaust fumes, dirt, grime and stone chippings. Pro-Tec covers are designed specifically to protect your caravan whilst touring. 

    Their unique towing jacket is a 2-piece construction. Each piece slides into the awning channels and zips up the middle. The jacket can be installed by one person in under a minute. The Protec Towing Jacket will have you on the road more quickly than any other product.

    • Protects against stone chips, window cracks & scratches
    • Exclusive 'jacket design that can be fit by one person
    • Keeps your caravan free from dirt, oil, exhaust fumes & bugs
    • Installs in under a minute getting you on the road quickly
    • Gas & locker box access
    • Designed & manufactured in the UK
    • Lightweight cover that's easy to fit
    • Grab handle access

    Pro-Tec's exclusive water-resistant PROTEX003 fabric is designed and manufactured in the UK from three layers of quality materials. The outer layer repels rainwater as it lands and is UV protected to make sure your cover looks new for longer.

    The central core is Pro-Tec's patented breathable membrane which lets your caravan breathe and avoids potentially damaging condensation build-up, while the soft inner layer protects your caravan’s paintwork.

    Available for all the ERIBA Touring range, if we don't have the one in stock you require, we can order it, which takes around 3-4 weeks to be delivered to us, or we can arrange for it to be shipped directly to you.

    £310 *Shipping not included

    PLEASE NOTE: These covers should only be used when towing, it's not recommend to use them for prolonged periods whilst in storage.