Caravan & Motorhome Upgrades for 2024

The turn of the year is always a good time to contemplate which upgrades you might make to your caravan or motorhome. Are you going to invest in some new gear to make the upcoming touring season even more enjoyable? If you are contemplating upgrading your caravan or motorhome, then you might want to take some inspiration from our guide, as we list some fantastic new additions you should consider for 2024.

By the end of this guide you will have lots of inspiration for caravan and motorhome upgrades, whether you’re looking to add value or make your touring life a little easier.

Caravan and Motorhome Upgrades

Caravan motor movers

A caravan motor mover is a device that you can use to help position a caravan with ease. Whether you’re parking it up in your driveway, placing it in storage, hitching up, or setting up on a pitch, this device will come in handy.

The motor mover is an electronic device that you can fit to your caravan’s chassis. It is equipped with rollers that you connect to your caravan’s wheels. The rollers enable the caravan to move in any direction that you wish, which you can control using a handheld remote control device.

You can get two or four motor units, depending on the number of axles your caravan has. Some motor movers require you to manually engage the device to the caravan’s wheel, however, you can pay a bit extra and purchase an auto-engaging option, which does this for you at the push of a button.

These devices may not, to many people, be considered as vital or mandatory, however, they can make your life as a caravan owner much easier. The convenience on offer here is amazing, as they eliminate the need for precise manoeuvring with your car and remove the struggle of you having to manually move the caravan yourself. If you purchase a motor mover, you’ll also not rely on another person to help guide you in tight areas, which is a real bonus.

Caravan self-levelling system

Here’s another bit of tech that will make your life as a caravan owner easier. A caravan self-levelling system allows you to completely level your caravan at the push of a button.

Firstly, the system uses the two main supports on the axle to lower or lift the caravan as a whole, levelling it horizontally over the width of the body. Next the system uses four hydraulic big foot supports to exactly level the caravan in the longitudinal axis. The device allows you to ensure that your caravan is level and steady within two minutes!

When you invest in one of these systems you always get a control panel, which you can use to level the caravan with ease. You can purchase a radio remote control version, a mobile touchpad, or even a smartphone app that works via a WiFi module.


One upgrade that we feel most caravan and motorhome owners should seriously consider, is the addition of an awning. Awnings come in all shapes and sizes and can provide you with additional shelter, extra social space, a nice sun shade, and extra outdoor storage space.

If you pitch up somewhere beautiful and want to settle in for a nice cuppa, there are few more enjoyable ways to spend an afternoon than sitting in your own private porch enjoying the view with a hot drink in hand. An awning provides you with the space and comfort to do just that! They allow you to avoid feeling cooped up, stuck inside your caravan, so you can spread out and relax in the fresh country air.

Awnings attach seamlessly to the side of your caravan or motorhome using a cord fastener that is inserted into an awning channel or rail. There are a number of different types of awnings available from simple canopy awnings to fully self-contained awnings that create huge living spaces where you can unwind on your trip.

Tracking devices

An anti-theft tracker for a motorhome or caravan is an incredibly practical and useful upgrade to make to your model. Motorhome and caravan theft is unfortunately a big concern, so by investing in one of these devices, you can gain some of that all-important peace of mind.

Anti-theft trackers typically attach to the motorhome or caravan and play a crucial role in locating it in the event of theft. Utilising GPS technology, these devices offer real-time location information, allowing you to monitor your caravan or motorhome remotely through a smartphone app or website.

Solar panels

Few things rival the environmental friendliness of solar power. Advanced photovoltaic solar panels have the remarkable ability to convert natural light into a sustainable source of electricity, and more light equals more power. Despite this, solar panels can continue to generate a noteworthy amount of current on overcast days.

Many motorhome and caravan enthusiasts find solar panels to be indispensable assets, particularly during the sun-drenched days of summer. These panels ensure that your leisure battery remains charged, offering a continuous and eco-friendly power source. Furthermore, their versatility extends to supplying energy for low-draw devices like alarms and trackers, proving particularly useful during the months when a motorhome is tucked away in storage.

However, it's crucial to manage expectations regarding the power capabilities of solar panels. They may not be suitable for directly powering high-consumption devices such as electric kettles or toasters. Instead, their prowess lies in efficiently energising essential components like 12V DC TVs, lights, or water pumps via the connected battery.

Moreover, their adaptability shines as they seamlessly collaborate with low-wattage mains-powered televisions through the utilisation of an inverter. This nuanced functionality underscores the significance of solar power, not just as an eco-conscious energy source but also as a practical solution for diverse power needs in various settings.

Bike racks

If you’re an avid cyclist and love exploring the marvellous scenery of the UK on two wheels, then you really should add a bike rack to your caravan. A bike rack is nice and easy to add to your caravan and allows you to bring a couple of bikes with you on your adventures.

Here at Adventure Leisure Vehicles we supply bike racks from Thule. These are compact and tiltable bike racks that come with some great features and can easily be installed on the caravan’s A-frame.

These racks are sturdy and secure and save you having to keep your bikes inside your caravan during transit.

Reversing camera

Here's another practical suggestion for an upgrade you can make to your motorhome. While reversing cameras have become standard in many new cars, they are not as commonly included in motorhomes. If your motorhome doesn’t have a reversing camera, why not put some thought into installing one?

There is a wide variety of reversing cameras available on the market. Most models are designed to fit seamlessly onto the back of your motorhome, typically above the licence plate. These cameras come with a display that can be positioned in the cab for easy viewing while reversing.

Certain reversing cameras also offer the option to connect two cameras to the display, providing enhanced visibility during both driving and reversing manoeuvres.