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  • Powrtouch Evolution Motor Mover Guides

    Below is some useful guidance to help those those who have Powrtouch Evolution Motor Movers installed on their Caravan or Travel Trailer.

    The Information supplied is from powrtouch.com. Please contact Powrtouch directly if there is a problem you are unable to rectify:

    Tel: 01283 587 900

    Email: [email protected]

    You will require your Powrtouch Evolution Serial Number when contacting them.

    On the Powrtouch Evolution your serial number will start EVA (automatic engagement) or EVM (manual engagement). The digits following this are sequential numbers unique to your Powrtouch and enables them tell the age of the Powrtouch.
    Your full serial number will also have an extra Letter (not shown on the sticker above) to indicate whether your Powrtouch is Single (S), Twin (T) or All Wheel Drive (A)

    Powrtouch Evolution Auto Single EVA/S/XXXXX
    Powrtouch Evolution Manual Single EVM/S/XXXXX
    Powrtouch Evolution Auto Twin EVA/T/XXXXX
    Powrtouch Evolution Manual Twin EVM/T/XXXXX
    Powrtouch Evolution Auto All Wheel Drive EVA/A/XXXXX
    Powrtouch Evolution Manual All Wheel Drive EVM/A/XXXXX