Powrtouch Checking Your Leisure Battery

A guide to checking your leisure battery when using Powrtouch Movers.

How to check your leisure battery condition under load

  1. Turn on your Powrtouch with the red isolator key, ensuring the mains hook-up is disconnected from the caravan

  2. Turn on the handset

  3. Engage your mover rollers onto the caravan tyres

  4. Ensure that it is safe to move your caravan. While moving the caravan forwards or backwards with the mover, check you caravan voltage meter. (Or alternatively connect a voltmeter to the battery terminals on the electronics board)

  5. When the mover is moving the caravan (i.e with the battery under load), the leisure battery voltage should not drop below 12v or out of the green zone. Should this happen we would recommend that you get your leisure battery professionally tested, and also ensure that your battery charger is working correctly. You should also check your chargers fuse (for its location please consult your caravan handbook)

    NOTE: The Powrtouch mover needs a minimum of 12v when under load for it to operate correctly. You should never operate the mover with the mains hook-up connected.

Information from Powrtouch.com

PLEASE NOTE: The Motor Mover manufacturer deals with any problems that may arise, and will send out their own engineer if required, T&C apply. 

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