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  • Isabella T@B 320 & 400 Awning

    T@B 320 & 400L Isabella Caravan  Awning

    Experience enhanced outdoor living with the T@B Caravan Isabella Awning, designed specifically for the 320 and 400L models.

    Materials and Design

    • Front: Crafted from Isacryl, a beautiful, colour-fast, fibre-dyed acrylic ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal.
    • Side Panels and Roof: Made from coated polyester, offering robust protection and longevity.
    • Lower Panel: Constructed from PVC for easy cleaning and maintenance.


    • Front Panel: Removable or can be drawn for flexible use and convenience.
    • Ventilation: The right-hand side panel features a ventilation net window with a zipped cover, ensuring optimal airflow while keeping insects out.
    • Curtains: Stylish curtains included, adding a touch of homeliness.
    • Special Draught Skirt and Wheel Arch Cover: Provides additional protection from the elements and enhances comfort.
    • Adjustable Roof Poles: For easy setup and stability.
    • FixOn II Brackets: Screwless design for easy and secure installation.


    • Depth: 225 cm
    • Removable/Fold-Down Panels: Front panel
    • Compatibility: Custom-made for T@B 320 and 400L caravans

    Enhance your caravanning experience with this thoughtfully designed awning, combining functionality, style, and ease of use.


    Isabella T@B 400 Awning Post 2016 (Blue)
    Isabella T@B 400 Awning Pre 2016

    Isabella T@B 320 Awning Post 2016
    Isabella T@B 320 Awning Pre 2016
    Isabella T@B 320 Awning Pre 2016 (Ex Demo)

    *Shipping not included, colours may differ from images