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  • Isabella T@B Awning

    T@B 400L Awning

    Key Benefits

    • Front panel can be removed or drawn
    • Ventilation net window feature in right hand side panel with zipped cover
    • Front in Isacryl
    • Side panels and roof made in coated polyester
    • Frame Lightweight combination of Aluminium and IXL™ fibreglass
    • Footprint 225x415 cm
    • Weight 22 kg

    Front in Isacryl, beautiful colour fast, fibre-dyed acrylic. Side panels and roof made in coated polyester and lower panel is PVC for easy cleaning.

    The front panel can be removed or drawn. The ventilation net window feature in the right hand side panel has a zipped cover.

    Including curtains, special draught skirt and wheel arch cover.

    Adjustable roof poles. Screwless FixOn II- brackets.

    Isabella T@B 400 Awning Post 2016 (Blue)
    Isabella T@B 400 Awning Pre 2016

    *Shipping not included, colours may differ from images