Top Caravans & Motorhomes in 2024

The 2023 season has come to a close and as we move into 2024 it’s time to look at some of the new caravans and motorhomes that will be stocked at Adventure Leisure Vehicles for the 2024 season. There are three fantastic new models from Eriba, as well as a selection of other great options from Coachman, Knaus, and Hymer, there’s a lot for you to choose from in 2024.

In this post we’ll explore some of our favourite new models for 2024, perfect if you’re looking for an upgrade or to buy your first motorhome or caravan this year.

2024 ERIBA Touring Legend, Touring Urban, and the Colour Editions

The ERIBA range has developed a certain cult status over the years thanks to its recognisable exterior and streamlined design that draw inspiration from its aircraft design legacy.

Next year we’re selling three ranges of ERIBA touring caravans, all of which offer robust frame construction and lower road height, whilst being easy for smaller cars to tow.

Inside, all three of these ranges provide exclusive equipment that maximises your comfort and safety. They all feature a practical yet elegant interior with high-quality fixtures. We particularly love the interior design of these models, which is sleek and stylish with unique features throughout.

All three ranges of ERIBA that we supply feature a lifting roof canvas window, which provides great ventilation for you and your loved ones, whilst also offering additional headroom providing you with a nice, spacious feel.

Driving safety and road holding are enhanced by the unique aircraft engineering-based design of all ERIBA models, which is nicely complemented by the AAA Premium Brake system.

Each ERIBA caravan also includes a motion detector-triggered LED awning light for evening convenience and an optional awning with LED lighting for extra outdoor comfort.

The Touring Legend model is the standard ERIBA caravan, which features their mini hammer carrara white exterior and the table and counter decor in a vintage look with metallic sheen effects.

However, you may also want to upgrade to the Urban model, which is a visual and functional upgrade that includes modern handles and a table and counter that boast a sophisticated dark marble appearance, complemented by a wardrobe that is thoughtfully colour-coordinated with the fabric.

The overall atmosphere of the Urban model is enhanced by an XL ambient lighting system, including lights above the overhead lockers and two additional ERIBA multifunction battery lights, providing both functionality and a contemporary aesthetic.

And finally, the Touring Colour Editions offer all of the above in three vibrant Colour Editions. The Nugget Gold is warm and inviting, the Tango Red is lively and fiery, and the wonderful Harbour Blue is tranquil and energising.

eriba touring caravans 2024

Coachman VIP, Laser, and Lusso

Next in our list for 2024 is our range of three distinct lines of the acclaimed Coachman caravans. Within these lines, customers can explore a diverse selection of 16 unique models!

All of the latest Coachman caravans have been crafted using cutting-edge construction techniques and premium, top quality materials, which guarantees you a sturdy caravan with a supreme finish.

Coachman’s emphasis on superior craftsmanship and innovative design is present across all of our models, ensuring you receive an unparalleled range of excellent features and specifications. All of these reasons combined to ensure that Coachman won the prestigious title of Best Caravan Manufacturer at the 2022 Camping and Caravanning Club’s Owner Satisfaction Awards.

The three ranges on offer next year here at Adventure Leisure Vehicles are the VIP range, the Laser and Laser Xcel ranges, and finally the Lusso range.

The VIP is the flagship range from Coachman, which has six models that offer both two-berth and four-berth models. The VIP range offers luxurious soft furnishings and extra touches, such as the bathroom’s ladder radiator.

The Coachman Laser and Laser Xcel models feature eight variants, which range from three berths to four berths. These fantastic caravans feature island beds, which can retract to create extra living space during the day. They also offer lovely, comfortable twin beds. The Xtra models are eight-foot wide, which provide you added comfort due to that all-important extra living space.

And finally, our Coachman Lusso caravans offer you and your loved ones next-level luxury on the road. These models are packed with modern, cutting-edge utilities that include new and improved soft furnishing schemes and appliances, making these caravans the most premium Coachman models on offer. There are just two models in the range, both of which are four berth caravans and these models have an eight-foot wide body, however the Lusso 2 is a twin axle model, with a slightly longer body.

2024 KNAUS Azur Single Axle Caravan

Up next is a fantastic, luxurious caravan model that we feel will be a real success in 2024. The KNAUS Azur Single Axle Caravan offers up a marriage of extremely high-end craftsmanship and stylish interior design. These caravans are some of the most luxurious we offer, that are equally stylish on the outside and inside.

The Azur showcases understated yet elegant foil graphics which are paired with Campovolo grey side panels. It also has a self-healing FibreFrame, which not only adds to the sleek aesthetic appeal of the caravan, but also offers you the reassurance of resilience and longevity.

KNAUS also provide you with their unique and innovative FoldXPand Technology. This is situated at the front and rear of the caravan and ingeniously expands the living area. So once you settle in on your pitch, you can open up the space, enriching the overall five-star living experience that the Azur offers, redefining spatial dynamics.

This innovative caravan also offers a calming, holistic lighting system that provides a dynamic light signature both internally and externally, which imbues the caravan with an aura of sophistication and contemporary flair.

Inside, we’re s/ure you’ll love the thoughtfully angled furniture designs, which help to increase space whilst creating a captivating sense of openness throughout the caravan. Add to this the meticulously curated materials and the innovative and functional solutions and you’ve got a wonderful, comfortable, and cosy caravan to take out onto the open road.

knaus azur caravan

HYMER Campervans

2024 also sees some new releases from the ever-popular campervan manufacturer HYMER. Characterised by their sleek design, modern aesthetics, nimbleness, and effortless manoeuvrability, HYMER’s new models seamlessly combine practicality with comfort to provide you with the quintessential campervan experience.

Safety and comfort are paramount in HYMER models, and each model we stock is fitted with state-of-the-art safety features, which include advanced anti-lock braking systems, passenger airbags, and a sophisticated traction control system.

HYMER campervans also make optimal use of their internal space, which ensures that you can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing break when out on the road.

The range of HYMER campervans is varied and caters to diverse preferences and travel requirements. Those seeking agility and ease of parking may gravitate towards the more compact models, which effortlessly navigate city streets and fit snugly into parking spaces or garages. In contrast, the larger HYMER models offer expansive storage solutions and ample living space, making them an ideal choice for extended journeys. However, it's worth noting that these larger variants may incur additional fees on ferry crossings!

With a selection of six distinct models, accommodating anywhere from two to four occupants, HYMER caters to couples, small families, and intimate groups alike. The Camper Free range epitomises spontaneity and freedom, ensuring that every essential is onboard for impromptu adventures. Among the offerings are the Free 600 S "Blue Evolution” and the Free 540 "Blue Evolution" edition, which both boast a rear double bed configuration.

Beyond the Free range, the Hymer Ayers Rock camper van stands out with its compact bathroom and rear double bed setup. Additionally, the Yellowstone camper van, equipped with rear twin beds and a convenient pop-top mechanism, transforms effortlessly into a spacious four-berth accommodation.