New Hymer Motorhomes For Sale

    HYMER has come to revolutionise the classic and flexible camper van. Stylish, modern, agile and easy to manoeuvre, HYMER have created the perfect camper van. Combining the cosy and practical interior of a camper van ready for adventures with the motoring excellence of a Fiat Ducato base chassis.

    What distinguishes the HYMER from other van conversions is the focus on safety and comfort. All models come with cutting edge technology, such as anti-brake systems, as well as passenger airbags and a traction control system. Each model within the HYMER camper van range utilises clever design to ensure internal space is maximised without compromising on your comfort.


    Due to parts and supply issues, we are unable to obtain a personalised specification for Hymer orders. We have however been allowed to order and configure a very limited number of Hymer Camper Vans for the 2024 season in advance. These units should start to roll into us from Germany later this year or early 2024.

    The following units are on order and currently unallocated to customers:

    Free 540 - 2 x available with manual 6 speed gearbox: Due summer 2023. From £73,000

    Free S 600 Blue Evolution - 4 x available: Due end of 2023 early 2024. Approx. £85,000

    Free 540 Blue Evolution- 2 x available: Due end of 2023/early 2024. Approx. £80,000

    Grand Canyon S CrossOver - 1 x available: Due late summer 2023. Approx. £120,000
    Grand Canyon S CrossOver - 2 x available: Due spring 2024. Approx. £120,000

    Ayers Rock - 1 x Automatic, Artense Grey: Due early 2024. Approx. £90,000
    Ayers Rock - 2 x Automatic: Due summer 2024. Approx. £90,000

    Yellowstone - 1 x Automatic, Lanzarote Grey: Due late spring 2024. Approx. £95,000
    Yellowstone - 1 x Automatic, Artense Grey: Due late summer 2024. Approx. £95,000

    If you're interested in one of the units listed above, please let us know and we will try and get a confirmed price for you as 2024 prices have not been set by Hymer as yet.

    HYMER Camper Van Sizing

    HYMER camper vans come in a variety of sizes - depending on your needs and where you plan to travel. The smaller and more compact models are easier to manoeuvre on the road, as well as park in car parks or garages. Whilst HYMER camper vans on the larger scale feature more storage space and room to move - perfect for if you’re planning long trips away. However, these larger models might be subject to surcharges on ferries.

    HYMER camper van models fit in to the following two sizes:

    • M = From 5.5 to 6.00 metres long
    • L = Over 6 metres long

    HYMER Camper Van Models

    There are six models to pick from in the range, sleeping between two to four people - perfect for couples or small groups and families.

    Live spontaneously in the HYMER Camper Free range, designed to have everything you need onboard. So if you want to jump in your motorhome and hit the road on a whim you totally can. There are three models to pick from, the Free 600 S "Blue Evolution with its rear double bed, or the Free 540 which also features a rear double bed and is available in the " or Free 540 "Blue Evolution" edition.

    Outside of the Free range there is the Ayers Rock camper van - featuring a compact bathroom and rear double bed. We also have the Yellowstone camper van with rear twin beds and a pop top to transform it into a 4 berth van. Finally there’s the four berth Grand Canyon S Crossover, which sits on a Mercedes chassis unlike the other models in the Hymer camper van range, which are on a Fiat Ducato chassis.

    To find out more about the HYMER camper van range speak to our team now on 01539 624141, or check out the models we stock below.

    HYMER Camper Van specifications and pricing are subject to change without notice. All prices are stated in GBP£, inclusive of UK VAT at 20.0% and are valid as of 1st July 2020. Possible import duties are not included and will be charged separately.