• Walker Touring Plus Awning

    Walker developed the Touring-Plus awning exclusively for the ERIBA Touring range 

    The Touring-Plus has a specially designed 28 mm aluminium frame which makes it possible for you to stand up straight under the roof. They have also made sure that the Touring-Plus makes a good connection with the caravan. On both sides there is a special foam packer which presses against the caravan.

    All the panels can be zipped out so you can use the awning as a sun canopy. Curtains are included with this model. 

    Touring Plus Features

    • Depth: 240 cm
    • Roof: Ten Cate All Season coated polyester: 240 g/m2
    • Walls: Ten Cate All Season coated polyester: 240 g/m2
    • Frame: 28 mm alloy frame with Easy-Powergrip
    • Ventilation: in the ridge to the front and in 1 sidewall
    • Panels: can be zipped out
    • Easy-Setup lock brackets: included!
    • Curtains, draught cloth + wheel arch cover: included!
    • Luxury accessory bag: included!• Guarantee: 24 months
    • Roofstrip for Eriba Touring Familia, Triton and Troll included
    • Weight: approx. 26 kg

    ERIBA Familia: was £1,519 now £1,139 

    ERIBA Triton: was £1,572 now £1,179

    ERIBA Troll: Was £1,626 now £1,219

    Free UK mainland delivery! 

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