Truma S 3004 Heater & Ultraheat Guide

Simply switch it on for a comfortable temperature: Truma S 3004 heaters provide warmth and comfort within a very short time. The caravan and motor home heater is not only especially powerful, it is also extremely reliable – even at very low temperatures in winter. To heat your caravan even faster, the fan is equipped with a booster function.

Your caravan not only becomes warm: the interior air is also dehumidified. At night, you can switch off the fan so that you can sleep undisturbed. Truma S 3004 heaters have a modern design and are easy to operate. The S 3004 has a burner and a heat exchanger and is suitable for installation in caravans and motor homes.

  • Energy sources: Propane / butane
  • Operating pressure: 30 mbar
  • Rated heat output: 3500 W
  • Fuel consumption: 30 – 280 g/h
  • Operating voltage: 1.5 V (automatic ignition device with battery operation)

How does the Truma S heater work?

The heater is supplied with gas via a special connection for the gas supply. It is ignited by a battery-operated auto ignitor in the burner . You can see through the inspection glass  if the gas has ignited. External air is sucked into the heater through an inlet and is heated by the naked flame in the burner. The hot air flows through the S-shaped heat exchanger and exits the system to the atmosphere together with the combustion air through the exhaust duct and the roof cowl. This process is 100% safe thanks to the completely enclosed system and the thermoelectric safety pilot. The heat exchanger heats the direct ambient air in the heater housing. It exits through the holes in the cover into the living area and, if necessary, is distributed in the caravan by the fan.

The temperature of the heater is infinitely adjustable with the manual knob on the control panel. This activates the safety pilot valve via the control panel rod. When the required room temperature is reached, a thermostat sensor regulates the gas supply to the burner and reduces it accordingly. The fan is controlled via a second control knob.

The Ultraheat additional electric heater is the perfect supplement for everyone who wants additional electric heat and to get the RV nice and warm quickly independently of the gas supply. It heats very quickly and uses the fan of the S heater to distribute the warm air efficiently throughout the caravan. 

How do I prepare the Truma S heater for the travel season?

Truma recommend that you clean the Truma S heater before starting your holiday.

  • Remove the cover from the S heater.
  • Remove the dust that has accumulated on the heat exchanger or on the base plate.
  • Remove dust on the fan wheel of the Trumavent carefully with a paintbrush or a small brush.
  • Also check whether the exhaust cowl is damaged or contaminated with leaves, for example.
  • Insert the battery in the auto ignitor – if you do not hear ignition sparks or if they are more than a second apart, replace the battery. When replacing the battery, the heater must be switched off. Use only temperature-resistant (+70 °C) leakproof AA batteries. Other batteries may cause malfunctions.

Do Truma S LPG heaters require maintenance?


For Truma S heaters, however, Truma recommend that you clean the heat exchanger and the fan wheel fins with a paintbrush or vacuum cleaner before winter.

If the heater has an auto ignitor, Truma recommend that you replace the batteries about every two years, or if the ignition frequency becomes slower. Use only batteries that are heat proof and that do not leak.

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