5 Ways To Save Money on Caravanning Holidays In 2024

Since the Covid-19 pandemic caravan and motorhome holidays have proved themselves to be an exciting way to explore the UK. The caravan market boomed over the last two years as more holiday makers turned to UK based getaways. Now overseas travel restrictions have lifted, the caravan market continues to skyrocket for both UK and European travel.

Now as the cost of living is set to soar you may be wondering whether you can afford to hit the road in search of adventure again this year. With that in mind, we’ve formulated a few tips and tricks on how you can save money during a caravan holiday for 2024 and still enjoy a break away. Read below our five ways on how to save pennies when you pitch up!

1. Invest in solar panels

Solar panels can save you money in the long run and they’re more environmentally friendly than using an electric hook-up at every site. Plus, they give you even more freedom to explore a little further off the beaten track. Ensure as much of the panel as possible is in direct sunlight as shadows can have a big impact on the amount of power that it generates. As an idea, the average four-berth caravan will need a panel with a power rating of at least 100W. In the summer, this will keep appliances such as your water pump and lights running comfortably. Plus, energy efficient LEDs can keep your electricity usage down, so consider replacing any old halogen bulbs.

2. Go ‘Off Grid’

Off-gridding doesn’t have to mean roughing it – you can power your hob, oven, heating and fridge with gas, and lighting and TV with battery power. Ensure that you have sufficient gas for your stay away, Calor costs around £2 a litre, while Autogas is just 60p a litre. If you can find a domestic gas supplier, you can also knock the VAT off. All but the most extreme off-grid sites will have a water supply, but we would always recommend taking a large canister of drinking water with you, especially for campsites that you haven’t visited before. A typical night rate at a mainstream campsite is around £25, and a small site with fewer facilities costs £10-£12 per night; sometimes as little as £8, therefore having a search around for smaller and off-grid locations can save those pennies on pitch fees, and you can see some beautiful, rural parts of the UK.

3. Eating in

Channel your inner chef and choose to eat in, another great money saver, as well as a fun family activity by utilising the kitchen facilities and making a home cooked meal. From a summer BBQ to a full English breakfast, it can be considerably cheaper and tastier than buying pre-made meals or dining out. Check out Isabella’s Camping Kitchen Equipment for all the utensils and gadgets you need to cook up a feast!

4. Lighten the load

Losing unnecessary weight from your caravan or motorhome could be an obvious one, though it’s surprising what can accumulate over the years. Get rid of any excess weight and baggage and have a good clear out of any items that you’re not going to use when touring.Not only will reducing your caravan weight and minimising overloading your caravan be more fuel-efficient when towing, you could even end up selling some caravanning gear that you haven’t used in a while to raise some extra cash for your trip.

5. Enjoy the great outdoors

There’s plenty of free things to do around the caravan site whether it be walking around the local area, or taking a trip to the beach or local park. Before you travel, check out the local tourism website of the place you are visiting, they often have money off coupons and special family day out deals that you can take advantage of and you might grab a discount on activities/excursions. Look out for free entry on days out too, such as museums and galleries to soak up the local heritage!

So there you have it, five top tips on how to save money on your next caravanning experience. Remember to take some snaps and tag us in your pics with the hashtag #adventureleisure, we love to see your camping adventures!