Guide to Picking Your HYMER Camper Van

If you’re looking to buy your next camper van, you may have your heart set on a model from HYMER. One of the largest motorhome and camper van manufacturers in Europe, HYMER has a long history and has developed an excellent reputation. 

In 1957, Erwin Hymer along with Erich Bachem, the German engineer who made the first caravan to custom order, created the prototype for the original Eriba range of caravans. These iconic caravans have stood the test of time and are still much sought after. Today, the Hymer Group has many successful brands, from those original Eriba caravans still in production today, to brands like Dethleffs and Bürstner.

With such an illustrious history, when you’re purchasing a HYMER camper van, you know you can rely on it for many years to come. But which one should you choose? This guide should help get you started on your HYMER camper van journey.

There are some broad questions you should ask yourself before we start looking at individual models in more detail.

1. Which base vehicle is right for you?

HYMER Camper Vans are built with either a Fiat Ducato chassis providing reliability and practicality in spades, or with a Mercedes-Benz chassis for that extra bit of driving comfort. 

If you opt for a Fiat Ducato-based camper van, you’ll have a whole host of driving features at your fingertips. A wide range of safety features are accompanied by hill start assist, hill descent assist and heated wing mirrors. There’s a powerful 4-cylinder turbo-diesel engine which still has a low average fuel consumption. There are also clever features such as a lane departure warning system and a traffic sign recognition system to make driving a breeze. 

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter-based models also come with a wide range of safety features and automatic Brake Disc Wiping and Electronic Brake Prefill systems ensure high levels of safety even in wet and windy weather conditions. There is also a lane departure warning system and crosswind assist as standard. You can opt for some extra features, such as blind spot assist, four-wheel drive and fuel-optimised 7-speed automatic transmission for a smooth driving experience.

Both base vehicles are great to drive but be aware that the Mercedes-Benz models will be accompanied by a slightly higher price tag than the Fiats. 

2. What sort of layout are you looking for?

HYMER camper vans are well laid out, maximising the space available and packing in an array of great features whilst keeping the interiors feeling spacious and airy. In most models you’ll find the two cab seats up front with two additional belted seats behind for travelling. This space doubles as the living area when the vehicle is stationary and the cab seats are swivelled. The bathroom and kitchen facilities are found in the central section of the camper van, while the bedroom area will be to the rear. 

 When it comes to the sleeping arrangements, there are layouts which incorporate double beds and twin beds depending on your preference and who your travelling companions are likely to be. If you need a bit of extra sleeping space or want the option of bringing some friends along, an optional pop-top roof can be added with space for two more to sleep in comfort. 

3. How much space do you need?

HYMER camper vans vary slightly in size and you’ll want to consider this when choosing which model is right for you. The more compact camper vans tend to be slightly easier to manoeuvre, especially on tighter roads. It might also be easier to find a parking space for them or fit them in a garage at home. You might even be looking for a camper that can double as a day-to-day family vehicle, in which case the smaller models might be more suited to the school run or finding a parking space when you nip into town.

However, depending on the type of trips you take, you may well need to opt for a model over 6 metres in length. These give you more space inside with more room for storage and moving around, ideal if you’re likely to take longer trips. Be aware that the larger models might incur an extra charge on certain ferries.  

Once you have a good idea of what you’re looking for in these broad terms, it’s time to start looking at the ranges and the individual models. The ranges can be split into the ‘Free’ range and the ‘Edition Models’.


What to expect from a HYMER Free camper van

There are certain things that you can expect, no matter which model you choose in the HYMER Free range. You’ll get a well-equipped kitchen as standard with a 2-burner gas hob and a sink which can both be covered with a glass lid, creating additional surface space. You’ll find extra-deep drawers which can accommodate plenty of utensils and provisions. Create a dining area in a flash by swivelling the cab seats and the table extension.

You’ll find a comfortable foam mattress on a slatted bed frame for a comfortable night’s sleep. This can be raised to help you load your holiday gear into the van. A clever, compact bathroom features a shower, toilet, washbasin and mirror cabinet. You can also use the shower outside with the pull-out function with a suction cup that secures to the outside of the van. This is perfect for rinsing off after a dip in the sea and washing kit like wetsuits. 

There are three HYMER Free models to choose from:

What to expect from a HYMER Edition Model Camper Van 

The HYMER Edition Models have been designed with the same precision and focus on practicality but have a few extra tricks up their sleeves.

HYMER Ayers Rock and Yellowstone

Whatever sort of holiday you prefer, one of these two editions is bound to suit you. Simple, practical and packed with creature comforts, you’ll have everything you need, wherever you might be. They each have their own layout and character.  

The Ayers Rock is the smallest in the range at just under five and a half meters in length with a double bed at the rear. Meanwhile the Yellowstone features a pop-top solution and has plenty of storage space for longer trips.

The new range of HYMER Camper Vans is packed with practical features, making it very difficult to get it wrong when you’re choosing between the models. However, if you’re not sure which HYMER is right for you, get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team who will be happy to help.