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  • ERIBA Touring Thule Residence G3 Awning Tent

    Discover the Thule Residence G3 Awning Tent for ERIBA Touring Caravans

    Elevate your caravan experience with the Thule Residence G3 Awning Tent, a bespoke model designed specifically for ERIBA Touring caravans and perfectly complementing the Thule Omnistor 6300 roof awning. With a generous 3.25 m length, this awning tent transforms your outdoor space into a luxurious, comfortable, and protective extension of your caravan. Available exclusively at Adventure Leisure Vehicles in Tebay, Cumbria.

    Key Features:

    • Perfect Roof Sealing: Enjoy a snug fit with clamping profiles that mount the side panels and connect them seamlessly with the awning fabric.
    • Optimal Closing: The front and side panels feature black double-shaped profiles for a tight and secure closure.
    • Easy Access: The front panel includes a door opening on the right side, which can be rolled upwards for convenient entrance.
    • Full Sealing: A foam with strap ensures complete sealing with the vehicle wall, preventing wind intrusion for a cosy interior.
    • Spacious Ambience: Large windows not only let in ample light but also create a feeling of spaciousness, enhancing your caravan's interior.
    • High-Quality Materials: Both sides and front are crafted from durable, high-quality PVC fabric, ensuring longevity and ease of maintenance.
    • Customisation Options: Add accessories easily in the optional rail at the front panel of the tent for a personalised touch.
    • Windslip Included: Comes standard with a windslip to seal off the bottom of your vehicle, enhancing stability and comfort.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Awning Fit: Specifically designed for Thule Omnistor 6300 (sold separately).
    • Tent Length: 3.25 m, providing ample space for relaxation and storage.
    • Stay Duration: Ideal for long stays, offering a robust and stable structure.
    • Set-up Time: Engineered for a fast and hassle-free setup.
    • Materials: Crafted from high-quality PVC fabric for durability and ease of cleaning.
    • Weight: 25 kg, making it a sturdy yet manageable addition to your caravan.
    • Curtains: Available as an optional accessory for added privacy.
    • Windslip & Wheel Cover: Supplied as standard for comprehensive protection.
    • Bag: Comes with a luxury bag for convenient storage and transport.

    Ready to Enhance Your Caravan Experience? Visit Adventure Leisure Vehicles in Tebay, Cumbria, or contact us to learn more about the Thule Residence G3 Awning Tent. Make your next journey unforgettable with the perfect blend of luxury and convenience. Order yours today!

    Price: £1695

    *Thule Omnistor 6300 & Shipping not included. For Thule Omnistor pricing click here