• Caravan & Motorhome Camping Chairs

    It’s just as important to be comfortable while spending time outside your Leisure Vehicle as you would be inside, making well built camping chairs an essential for any Caravan, Campervan or Motorhome holiday.

    Here is a selection of our recommended Camping Chairs

    Walker Easy Chair

    Black - One in Stock

    Blue - Out of Stock

    Comfortable camping chair with high back, luxury and sturdy aluminium D-frame. Ergonomically shaped backrest, 7 adjustable positions, including matching headrest.

    Completely designed in line with our Walker Allure 280 in colours black/anthracite/champagne! But of course also nicely suited to all our other awnings or for on the terrace!

    • Comfortable camping chair with high back rest
    • Luxury aluminium D-shaped frame
    • Ergonomic shaped back rest
    • Back can be placed in 7 different positions
    • Including head rest
    • Weight: 4,5 kg
    • Max. Use: 120 kg
    • Size Folded: 102 x 60 x 11 cm

    Last one - Was £84.95 - Now £50 (Shipping not included)

    Isabella Loke Chair - High Back

    The Loke is a flexible chair with a fully upholstered seat. Loke can be folded up to just 9 cm in depth and so takes up minimal space when stored or transported. Loke has an elegant, solid frame and is comfortable to sit in. It is made of a hard-wearing material and its back can be adjusted to 7 positions.

    • Materials: Aluminium frame. Polyweave (60% PVC coating/40% polyester).
    • Colour: Black
    • Weight: 5.4 kg
    • Dimensions: 112 x 64 x 9 cm
    • Height of back: 79 cm
    • Load: 120 kg

    £89 (Shipping not included)

    Isabella Balder Chair

    The Balder chair folds up for ease of transport when you want to take it with you on outings. As an added benefit, it hardly takes up any room when stored. Balder is perfect as a travel chair, or for the beach and picnics..


    • Height (Back): 102cm
    • Size Folded: 58 x 65 x 9cm
    • Weight: 5.31 kg
    • Load: 100 kg


    • Steel frame
    • 100% polyester

    Was £45 - Now £35 (Shipping not included)

    Isabella Directors Chair

    A modern design classic available in dark grey or red


    • Aluminium frame
    • 100% polyester

    £36 or two for £65 - No Side Table

    £46 or two for £80 - With Side Table

    (Shipping not included)


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