AL-KO AKS 3004 Stabiliser Coupling Guide

Stabiliser coupling with 4 friction pads: For greater stability and handling

The new AKS™ 3004 featuring outstanding design and improved ergonomics noticeably suppresses snaking and pitching movements, for a safe and relaxed journey. The unique stabiliser coupling with 4 friction pads is suitable for use with trailers up with a total weight of up to 3,000 kg.


  • Multiple test winner 
  • 4 friction pads working against snaking and pitching
  • Increases the critical vehicle speed (observe the legal speed limit)
  • The caravan can be stabilised more quickly in an emergency situation
  • Bracket for AL-KO Safety anti-theft protection
  • Complies with ISO 11555-1 (100 km/h permit possible)
  • Safety indicator shows whether the AKS™ is correctly seated on the ball
  • No complicated additional securing devices

How it works

  • Activating the stabilisation handle presses two friction pads against the towball of the car, from the left and right
  • The coupling and stabilisation handles are separate from one another, and each can be operated with one hand
  • Constant monitoring of the friction pads and coupling mechanism by wear control indicators
  • Easy-to-replace friction pads
  • Integrated bracket for AL-KO Security Devices
  • Integrated Soft-Dock


There is paint in the friction linings of my AKS™ 3004. Where does this come from?

In some vehicles the towbar is coated with protective paint when new. Please remove the protective paint from the towball (e.g. emery cloth + brake cleaner) before attaching the AKS™ for the first time.

Can I clean the friction linings if they are accidentally soiled with grease or paint?

No. The friction linings are made of a special material that cannot be cleaned. In this case replace the linings.

My AKS™ 3004 squeaks and creaks. Is it faulty? Can I do anything about it?

The AKS™ 3004 is not faulty and can still be used without problem. To reduce the noise, please contact a AL-KO dealer who will gladly help you.

How to monitor wear of side friction pads

How to change side friction pads

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