New Knaus Caravans

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Knaus is one of the most successful and reputable caravan brands on the market. They have over 50 years of production under their belts, resulting in an impressive portfolio of caravans. Their models boast some pretty incredible features, including a remarkable hailstone resistant GPR roof and have a minimum 38mm heated floor with 31mm walls and roof. Knaus caravans cater to all of your specific leisure vehicle needs.

The Knaus Sport and Fun combine the best of two worlds. With 920 mm wide rear door, roof rails and height-adjustable bed, this is a progressive design and an unbelievable amount of room for plenty of action. Wherever you want and for as long as you like.

The Sport won the Readers Choice Caravan of the Year award in 2018 for good reason. Suitable for up to seven people and with plenty of floor space available, there’s room to pack everything you need for your holiday.

Then you have the Starclassrange: the multi-award winner that is the ultimate way to travel in extreme luxury and style. Knaus likes to pay attention to the details that make their products ultra luxurious.

The Knaus Starclass 565, includes 3 piece front windows, Electric floor heating and a gorgeous rear bathroom with separate shower cubicle. These features guarantee not only a luxurious stay but an incredible experience.

The Knaus Starclass 695, include the similar features of the Starclass 565 (windows, floor heating and a rear bathroom with shower cubicle), solid qualities for a classic format. This is a very modern version of old caravans. The Starclass 695 is a luxurious and spacious yet classic and practical model. Suitable for up to three people.

Models impress with features such as interiors that are connected with ultrasonic-sealing technology; furniture upholstered with the highest quality materials. All of the 2019 collection comes with a 10-year manufacturer guarantee that protects even against water ingress.

For more information on how to finance these models, visit our dedicated finance page.