New HYMER Grand Canyon S Mercedes

HYMER Grand Canyon S Camper Van

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 315 CDI, 110 KW / 150 PS, Euro VI-E

Base Price: £65,610

The HYMER Grand Canyon S is the perfect choice for spontaneous getaways, no matter how big or small. The Mercedes chassis and rear-wheel drive provides you with the power and comfort to go wherever you want, whenever you want. The numerous driver assistance systems and luxurious interior allow you to enjoy every moment of your trip. Quickly load up the Grand Canyon S with the help of the two wing doors and hit the road. 


The modern and luxurious furniture, which has been finished in the stylish Chiavenna Walnut, has been designed and positioned to emphasize the feeling of spaciousness. A large seating area is arranged around a table which can be folded away when not in use and the generous headroom means that you can comfortably move around inside the vehicle. 

Sophisticated LED lighting comes with a dimmable function so you can create the atmosphere you want at the touch of a button. There are clever storage compartments located all around the HYMER Grand Canyon S. Overhead lockers are mounted above the rear doors, there is an easily accessible space under the bed and useful compartments are fitted above the cabin seats so you have everything you need within an arm’s reach. 


With the HYMER comfort sleeping system as standard, all berths have supportive disc-spring frames which evenly distribute your weight and cold foam mattresses to ensure your comfort. At the rear, there’s a spacious double bed made possible thanks to the extra body width. The windows are fitted with pleated blinds and insect blinds to create privacy and keep out any pests. 

There is an option to add a pop-top roof to create an extra bedroom for two people. This can be put up in no time, is also fitted with the comfort sleeping system and is reached via an aluminium ladder. 


The bathroom is compact but well-equipped with a large foldable washbasin, bench toilet and plenty of storage space for all of your essentials. The shower hose can be pulled outside through the insulated aluminium framed window to be used outside if you fancy an open air shower or have any surfboards or wetsuits to rinse down after a day at the beach. 


The kitchen is compact but highly functional. There’s a cooker / sink combination and plenty of surface space thanks to glass covers and an extendable worktop. The sink is large enough even for large pots and there is a generous amount of storage space in the large pull-out drawers. The 90 litre fridge features a freezer compartment and also provides more surface space.

HYMER Grand Canyon S Mercedes Specifications

• Rear transverse bed 195 x 135 cm
• Folding table, adjustable size
• Clothes rail over the bed
• Wardrobe under the transverse bed
• Spacious bathroom with comfortable bench toilet and mirror cabinet
• Large 90-l compressor refrigerator

Length from:5.93m
Width from:2.03m
Height from:2.76m
Mass in Running Order:2795kg
Max. allowed weight from:3500kg


HYMER Mercedes-Benz Features

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter-based HYMER Camper Van comes with an extensive safety package as standard. The electronic stability control package includes an anti-lock braking system (ABS), traction control system (TCS), electronic brake force distribution (EBD) and hydraulic brake assist system (BAS) Also included are the latest generation adaptive electronic stability program (ESP), load adaptive control (LACS), rollover mitigation and roll movement intervention (ROM/RMI), enhanced understeering control (EUC) and trailer stability assist (TSA). Even greater driving safety in wet and rainy conditions is ensured by the automatic Brake Disc Wiping and Electronic Brake Prefill systems.

7G Tronic automatic
The fuel-optimised 7-speed automatic transmission 7G-TRONIC PLUS guarantees a smooth drive and is available as an option.

Crosswind Assist
The standard crosswind assist helps keep the vehicle in lane in strong winds thanks to automatic braking interventions.

Lane departure warning system
The lane departure warning system sends acoustic and visual signals to the driver if they unintentionally leave their lane. This helps reduce the risk of accidents caused by falling asleep at the wheel.

Blind Spot Assist
The optional blind spot assist alerts the driver to vehicles in their blind spot via visual and acoustic signals.

Four-wheel drive
An optional driver-engageable four-wheel drive, greater traction, improved driving stability and the latest generation of ADAPTIVE ESP® means you can master major challenges however rough the weather and road conditions.


HYMER Camper Van specifications and pricing are subject to change without notice. All prices are stated in GBP£, inclusive of UK VAT at 20.0% and are valid as of 1st Nov 2021. Possible import duties are not included and will be charged separately.   

Please note, that for the UK the offered models and equipment components can differ from the descriptions and information given here. The illustrations are for example purposes only, and may feature optional extras, accessories and vehicle decorations which are not supplied as standard. Optional extras are included in the current price list and available at the extra cost indicated. We reserve the right to modify the equipment or make product improvements not shown in the photos during the lifecycle of the model ranges. We cannot accept any liability for content errors and modifications. 

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