Have you fallen for our more gritty vehicles? Does your heart beat faster at the sight of jeeps and SUVs? Then we have just the caravan for you! The [email protected] OFFROAD with its brawny applications, big tires and off-road type features is designed just as you like it.

  • Off Road 320 from £15,219 On The Road


[email protected] 320 OFFROAD

Are you a real adventurer and like to travel to foreign climbs? Then let us introduce you to your new partner in crime: The [email protected] 320 OFFROAD caravan. Because OFFROAD and a thirst for adventure goes together perfectly! The little caravan can be individually designed and offers space to sleep and cook in a small area. Go and visit our dealer and experience the [email protected] feeling live and in colour.

  • Overall length in cm: 517
  • Overall width in cm: 201
  • Number of beds: 2
  • Unloaded weight, approx. in kg: 650

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