New ERIBA Nova Caravans

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The ERIBA Nova has been redesigned and is ready under the ERIBA range. Each caravan in the Eriba Nova range includes exceptional comfort features and stylish yet practical designs to ensure each trip is an enjoyable experience. 
Its magnificent oak furniture gives a real sense of extravagance and luxury to its interior, beautifully combined with champagne locker doors and chrome handles. The LED lights featured on the ERIBA Nova caravans provide a cosy atmosphere, not forgetting of course plenty of natural light from their good size windows, which give a panoramic view.

The Comfort and Comfort Plus classes offer a high standard. The Superior and Deluxe classes satisfy the very highest demands in terms of design and furnishings.


The ERIBA Nova  model range features compact models that offer a great amount of space and comfort for up to three people. 

Given their sizes, these models are easy to manoeuvre and drive around. The ERIBA models are an excellent example of space optimisation. In these models, you will be able to have a great sleep experience as they feature a high foam mattress that will give you maximum comfort.

The ERIBA Nova Light range, offers plenty of storage space and a stylish yet very practical living area.

There are two models to pick from in the 2019 range of ERIBA Nova Light, suitable for up to three people.The ERIBA Nova Light 425 features insulation throughout, with plenty of space in its compact model and low fuel consumption. The ERIBA Nova Light 465 also offers plenty of space, and sleeping comfort due to its cold foam mattress


Perfection down to the last detail.

The ERIBA Nova GL, features exceptional comfort and an impressive spec combined with excellent practicality. This innovative model provides you with a lot more comfort and space within its compact dimensions. In the new Eriba Nova GL models, you can enjoy extra freedom, movement and comfort thanks to their technical equipment unit and track system installed centrally.

The 2019 range of Nova GL includes three models for up to three people. The ERIBA Nova GL 470 feautes 1.98m headroom in its body shell design to create a spacious interior. The ERIBA Nova GL 485 features an optimal brake force thanks to its AAA premium brake as well as excellent insulation, due to its 51mm sandwich floor. Finally, the ERIBA Nova GL 545, includes LED hybrid lights with three distinctive HYMER stripes for extra cosy winter nights or romantic trips away.

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