• MiRiDER One Folding E-Bikes

    SAVE £300! Was £1595 now £1295

    Lighter, more efficient, more torque, greater range, want to know more?

    Not all e-bikes are equal. Every part of the MiRiDER One has been meticulously assessed and developed until satisfied they can provide the perfect ride, every single time. From the bare frame, through to assembly and finally the tape that seals the box, every step is carefully carried out to ensure our customers will be grinning ear to ear, ride after ride after ride.

    Fun For Everyone!

    The MiRiDER One is exceptionally versatile whether for the city commute, leisure rides or holidays. Perfect for all ages and abilities and even people with underlying injuries to get back out there.

    • Technical Specifications
      MotorGeared brushless rear hub motor
      Nominal Power250 W (UK legal limit) with 40 nm of torque
      Pedal Assist Top Speed25 km/h or 15.5 mph (UK legal limit)
      Battery TypeSamsung 18650 Lithium-Ion Cells
      Battery Specs36 v 7 Ah / 252 Wh
      Battery FeaturesRemovable and lockable (chargeable inside or off the bike)
      MAX Rangeup to 72 km or 45 miles (based on power level 1, average pace, rider weight and even terrain)
      Climbing Angle25 degrees maximum (based on average rider weight)
      Charge Time2-3 hours (using 42 v, 2.0 A UK charger supplied)
      DisplayMulti-function LCD back-lit
      ControllerSine-wave Torque Simulation KT Controller compliant with all UK legal parameters.
      Dash board readoutsSpeed (km/h or mph), distance travelled ODO/trip (miles/km), battery % level, pedal assistance level, Led headlight (on/off)
      Pedal Assist5 levels
      Frame/ForkFull integrated magnesium alloy
      Accessories IncludedFront/rear mudguards, Front LED light, rear reflector, folding pedals, kickstand & stabiliser wheel, wheel magnets for secure folding, adjustable folding strap & battery charger.
      BrakesFront and rear Clarks CMD-24 disk brakes
      ComfortRear spring damper
      TyresCST tyres with reflective side walls 16”x1.75”
      Wheels16” wheels with aero rims and a MiRiDER designed 1 piece front hub
      ChainKMC e-bike specific
      Maximum Recommended Rider Weight120 kg
      Rider Height152 cm - 195 cm / 5'0 - 6'4
      Road LegalWorldwide
      Optional AccessoriesAdditional battery, pannier rack, storage bag, pannier bag, phone holder and more
    • Dimensions
      Folded770*430*680 mm
      Unfolded1340*575*1100 mm 
      Approximate Weight Fully Equipped
      17.2 kg

    Even better in 2023!

    • Longer telescopic adjustable seat post for small and even taller riders.
    • Less worry with pre installed puncture protection fluid.
    • Beautiful new ultra-lightweight spoked wheels with black aero rim.
    • New soft touch handle bar grips with anti fatigue hand rest.
    • High quality CST road tyre for improved grip and wet weather performance.
    • Substantial 1.6kg weight saving – now only 17.2kg!
    • New 2 finger brake levers for improved precision and modulation.
    • Quieter motor with more torque, improved efficiency and battery range.

    Fast-folding & Compact

    As you would expect, The MiRiDER One folds easily in just a matter of seconds. Once more, the 16 inch wheels allow it to take up little space in this configuration. Whether you’re commuting, going on holiday or for a ride by the coast, the MiRiDER One folds compactly and securely, fitting easily into you car boot and can even be taken on public transport without a reservation (when carried in a storage bag).

    Battery Power

    Their Samsung 7ah /252wh battery packs great mileage, thanks to their clever power management system. Combined with the new, more efficient motor and 1.6 kg weight reduction, you can happily see up to 45 miles of assisted cycling from a single charge. That’s 4.5 hours of riding at 10 mph – plenty of time for a leisurely ride, a trip to the shops or commute to work. If you do live life in the fast lane, or your commute is pushing the boundaries of the range, why not carry a spare with you? Weighing in at only 1.2 kg, you’re only 15 seconds away from being back up to full charge!

    Miles & Miles

    With the MiRiDER One, expect an assisted range of up to 45 miles.

    The battery itself has a 7 ah (252 wh) capacity and is manufactured using genuine SAMSUNG cells. It is neatly concealed within the main frame, leading to great weight distribution and balance. If you need to remove the battery to charge it separately, or to switch it out on the go, access can be quickly gained when the bike is folded and it comes complete with a lock for security.

    The 45 mile range is of course dependent on the rider’s weight, the weather conditions and the terrain met on the ride, as well as the relative effort the rider puts in. We managed 45 miles on a recent journey in ideal conditions mainly on power level 1.

    Here are a few more details:

    • Route: Middlewood Way x 3 [72.75 km on strava]
    • 7 ah lithium Samsung battery
    • Tyre pressures – 36 psi
    • Rider weight – 73 kg
    • Weather Conditions –Sunny with gusty wind
    • Temperature – 21 degrees Celsius
    • Power levels: 1
    • Elevation gain – 171 m

    No gears, No Worries

    The MiRiDER One is a single speed bike, meaning it just has the one gear. They have thoroughly tested a variety of gear ratios to ensure they found the best one for optimum pedalling-comfort when cruising at 15 mph. This means that you don’t have to mess around aligning gears and getting covered in oil, or risk damaging delicate parts when transporting you bike around. Their ultimate aim is to provide you with minimum faff and maximum fun! The larger front sprocket does mean the bike is slower to accelerate from standstill when pedalling unassisted, but this is where the power boost button comes into play. A quick dab of boost and you’ll be leaving everyone at the lights. As for hill starts, use that boost to get yourself started and then the power-assist* will do the rest!* Use power level 4 or 5 for steeper hills.

    • Fully Waterproof

      Rated to IP 65
    • Lockable Battery

      Safe and Secure
    • Stopping Power

      UK-based Clarks mechanical disk brakes
    • Rider Comfort

      Rear mounted suspension

    Why is MiRiDER so well regarded?

    • Developed & assembled in the UK.
    • Trusted UK dealer network.
    • 2 year warranty
    • Spare parts & service items in stock.
    • Dedicated customer support.
    • Excellent on Trustpilot.

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