New Caravans & Motorhomes


ERIBA Caravans Adventure Leisure Vehicles

Eriba caravans have something of a cult status in the UK. From their retro, pop-top Touring range through to their luxurious, compact Nova range - there is something which is bound to catch people’s eye and become a conversation starter on every touring site.


HYMERCAR Motorhomes Adventure Leisure Vehicles

Hymercar motorhomes are a range of compact motorhomes on both a Fiat and Mercedes-Benz chassis. The eight model range sleeps up to four people. Their compact size means they’re perfect for both city breaks and cross-country tours.


Buccaneer Caravans Adventure Leisure Vehicles

Buccaneer is renowned for creating the most luxurious caravans available on the UK market. From internal features which are so sophisticated, it’s easy to forget that you’re in a caravan, to cutting-edge features such as integrated self-levelling systems. When you see their caravans it’s easy to see why they’ve won awards, including the Best Twin-bed Caravan.


KNAUS Caravans Adventure Leisure Vehicles

We stock both the Knaus Sport & Fun caravan and the Starclass range of caravans from Knaus. The Sport & Fun is perfect if you love active holidays, with plenty of room to store your surfboard or bike, whilst the award-winning Starclass is perfect for couples or families.


T@B Caravans Adventure Leisure Vehicles

Camping is made really cool in the Tab caravans range. There are three models within the range, from the funky Mexican Sunset model to the off road model. Each model is a compact caravan with nifty storage solutions to make the most of your holiday.


Xplore Caravans Adventure Leisure Vehicles

There are four models within the Xplore range of caravans, designed to suit a range of needs. These caravans are built using the same technology as the luxury Buccaneer caravans, so you can expect flawless features and luxurious interiors. Considering this, the Xplore caravans are a value range worth checking out.

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