• Isabella Air Cirrus North 400 Air Awning

    The Cirrus North is a combination of classic Isabella design, high-quality materials and a new IsaAir system. The fronts and gables are made in our traditional solid-dyed Isacryl, which is a lightweight, robust and above all breathable material.

    Thanks to the solid-dyed material, your air awning will retain its beautiful colours for many years to come. The Isacryl fabric allows your air awning to breathe, and the large mosquito nets at both sides make for the best possible indoor climate while minimising condensation.  

    Isabella Air Cirrus North 400

    Isabella AIR sets new standards in air awnings. It combines the expertise gained from more than 60 years of awning development with a carefully considered design and the latest IsaAir system.  

    Comes as standard with

    • Curtains
    • Air beam for the veranda solution
    • Specially developed, high-performance hand pump with pressure release valve
    • Draught skirt, wheel arch cover
    • Typhoon storm sashes
    • Awning bag, peg bag including peg remover

    Details & features

    Front canopy (air beams), light panels in the roof, two large ventilation windows with mosquito nets at both ends, IsaAir system, Isacryl fabrics; extendable. Curtains

    • Frame Options: Air Tubes
    • Roof fabric: Isaroof light 240 g/m2 - UV-resistant polyester textile, treated with two layers of breathable acrylic.
    • Base Material: PVC 380 g/m2
    • Side/Tent Material: Isacryl 295 g/m2 - particularly breathable material
    • Colour: Tweed


    • Width (cm): 400
    • Depth (cm): 275
    • Ground measure: 275 x 400 cm
    • Fits caravan heights between (cm): 242 - 260
    • Straight rail measure (cm): 410
    • Wing measure (cm): 2 x 23
    • Tunnel length (cm): 364
    • Net Weight (kg): 26.5

    Tips for maintenance

    • Vacuum or brush awning off when it is dry. Subsequently, wipe with a damp cloth.
    • Windows can occasionally be sprayed with Aquatex reproofer, and then immediately wiped with a dry cloth (max. twice a year).
    • For larger cleaning, IsaClean can be used. Aquatex should be used afterwards for reproofing.

    Isabella Air Cirrus North 400 Air Awning: £2188.99 *Shipping not included 

    Optional Extras

    Left Annex £1056 – Right Annex £1056

    Left Roof Annex £92 – Right Roof Annex £92

    Left Floor Annex £94 – Right Floor Annex £94

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