New Hymer Caravans

A luxury Caravan or practical Vehicle?

Comfort comes as standard – for all HYMER caravans. A high-quality interior, overhead lockers and coordinated colour schemes can be found in all our models. Their Comfort and Comfort Plus classes offer a high standard. The Superior and Deluxe classes satisfy the very highest demands in terms of design and furnishings.

Nova Light - Compact Caravan

Fuel-saving, safe travel.

How much holiday comfort can a compact class caravan offer? The HYMER Nova Light gives you a totally new answer. Despite a body length of barely five metres, it comfortably accommodates up to three people – with bags of space to move and high-end equipment and quality standard. Loads of storage space, lots of payload options as well as sufficient reserves in terms of space and safety guarantee that you reach your destination easily and return safely as well. To achieve this in the most relaxed way possible, the HYMER Nova Light offers exemplary sleeping comfort with generously designed sleeping areas, cold foam mattresses, drill covers etc. and a comfortable, cosy living area. The functionally equipped kitchen area and the compact bathroom with its numerous storage spaces leave nothing to be desired.

Nova GL

Perfection down to the last detail.

The HYMER Nova GL boasts unique comfort features and top functionality combined with excellent practicality. The Grand Oak furniture finish creates a bright and welcoming interior ambience. The new multifunctional rear lights are an eye-catching feature, echoing the three bars of the HYMER logo when illuminated. The raum+system guarantees more space and freedom of movement within the same dimensions. Highlights of the Nova generation include its outstanding body shell design, minimum bed length of 2 metres, practical service installation systems and winter resistance.