Kip Shelter+

Where adventure begins...

The Kip Shelter+  makes camping a special experience, with the ultimate freedom. It brings you easily to your favourite holiday spots, and you can conveniently take your bike(s), skis, motorbike, or surfboard along and make your Shelter the ideal "base camp" for your adventure.

The Shelter+ offers a fully equipped experience for campers who appreciate a little more luxury and comfort. There are no compromises in the Shelter+ when it comes to eating, cooking, sleeping and simply enjoying your surroundings!!!

For any adventure, find the perfect Shelter+

It is available in three different sports editions: bicycle, motorbike, or surf. Each package is uniquely developed, for your sport.

So the next question is... where will you next adventure be???



Overall width 185 cm
Headroom (lifting roof open) 198 cm
Inside width 170 cm
Body length 345 cm
Overall length 460 cm

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