Adventure Leisure Vehicles are official dealers for HymerCar, which are based on a Fiat Chassis and a Mercedes Chassis.

The compact HymerCar panel vans are renowned as perfect all-rounders – great for everyday use, weekend getaways or the annual family holiday.

The HymerCar models offer great flexibility, making them suitable for everyday city traffic and cross-country tours alike. They are ideal vehicles for driving, sleeping in and transporting all kinds of things – and are the perfect second car for young couples and families! These are the qualities that really count when you’re buying a panel van. After all, it’s an investment you expect to benefit from for many years to come, and which therefore needs to be economically sound.

With the Fiat Ducato and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Hymer has chosen two long-established brands as its base vehicles. All HymerCar models are winter-proof and equipped with a wide range of safety features as standard.